No Farewell to Khao San Road Vendors – They Are Back Again!

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No Farewell to Khao San Road Vendors – They Are Back Again!

Just only after a couple of days the vendors have been removed from Khao San Road in Bangkok they are back again – neither locals nor tourists (not to say the vendors themselves!) could withstand an orphan-like look of the cult street.

It looks like a compromise has been finally found: the vendors are allowed to do business there only in the evening hours from 6pm till midnight. The authorities are determined to make vending along the roadsides of Khao San more structured and orderly, in full compliance with regulations on the public hygiene and order. 

Not all the vendors are permitted to return though but only those who have earlier registered with the Phra Nakhon district office. It is about 200 vendors totally. All of them should apply for verification to obtain the certificate from the Commerce Ministry, too.

Other streets where you will be able to find vendors are Rambutri, Chakrabongs, Krai Sri, Sip Sam Hang and Tani roads in Bang Lampu area. 

While we totally agree that the street markets in Khao San Road and the adjacent area probably need to be structured, we absolutely cannot imagine this backpackers Mecca vendors-free. Can you?



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