Single-Use Plastics to Be Banned in National Parks in Thailand

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Single-Use Plastics to Be Banned in National Parks in Thailand

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) of Thailand has stepped forward with an initiative to ban single-use plastic bottles, cups and bags in national parks throughout the country.

The initiative has been hugely supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Starting from this Monday, August, 12th, all the visitors of the national parks will be encouraged to reduce consumption of single-use plastics. What falls under 'single-use plastics' is mostly plastic and foam boxes, tapped water bottles, plastic utensils and food boxes and, of course, plastic bags.

Though some national parks have been prohibiting visitors to bring along plastic water bottles for quite a time, plastic pollution remains high in many national park throughout Thailand. It is a traditional passtime for many local families to go out for a picnic with tonnes of take-away foods brought along and plastic containers later disposed on the territory of the parks.

Soon the visitors of the national parks will see banners rising their awareness of plastic pollution and encouraging them to opt for eco-friendly bottles, bads and containers to preserve the natural beauty of the parks.

Currently there are 154 national parks in Thaialnd. It is expected that the green initiative will help reduce plastic pollution per three million items during the first year.



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