Butterfly, Butterfly, Where Do You Fly? To Pang Sida NP!

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Butterfly, Butterfly, Where Do You Fly? To Pang Sida NP!

The Butterfly Watching Festival in the Pang Sida National Park located in the northeastern province of Sa Kaeo, Thailand, is officially open now.

Every year, from May to August, thousands of butterflies come to Pang Sida allowing the visitors to admire fancy wings of over 500 varieties of these insects. There are three main butterfly watching spots in the park, one of which is easily reachable from the visitor centre and two others requiring a bit of trekking into the jungle. Butterflies are active during sunny weather only that is why a trip to Pang Sida is often a hit or miss if you are limited of time: it often rains during summer period in Pang Sida which is located in the hilly area attracting more rains than the adjacent region. 

Sa Kaeo is located about 220 km east of Bangkok and is best reached by bus. It takes approximately four hours to reach Sa Kaeo and about another half an hour to cover 22 km to Pang Sida, north of Sa Kaeo. Besides butterfly watching, Pang Sida NP offers visitors several trekking routes and a variety of waterfalls.



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