Trang Moon Festival 2018 Will Hit City in September

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Trang Moon Festival 2018 Will Hit City in September

Cultural shows and performances, food stalls, beauty pageant and contests are prepared for visitors of Trang Moon festival 2018 scheduled for September, 22nd-24th. 

Located in the lower part of the Andaman coast, the southern province of Trang is one of the provinces of Thailand with the highest number of Chinese descendants. The province used to be an important trading port frequently visited by Chinese merchants. Some of them finally relocated to Trang forever. That is why all the Chinese festivals are observed here with more revelry and enthusiasm than anywhere around the Kingdom.

Though during the Trang Moon Festival the fight against the Mongols is commemorated, the majority of the activities nowadays are food related and include among others preparation of ancient desserts and tasting of Thung Yao sweet tea.

Trang is located 840 km south of Bangkok and can be reached via flight, a bus or train ride. Flying takes under one and a half hour while travelling by bus requires between 11 and 12 hours. Trains are the slowest option but with the train station conveniently sitting right in the centre of the city, it can be considered, too.



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