Rainy Season in China Is in Full Swing

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Rainy Season in China Is in Full Swing

With heavy rains hitting several provinces of China during the last two weeks some of the popular tourist attractions throughout the country have been closed for bad weather.

Jiuzhai Valley National Park in Sichuan province remains closed for a week already and Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Scenic Area within Yuanyang Rice Terraces area in the south of Yunnan province does not accept visitors either. Heavy rainstorms are the reason of closure of Mt Laoshan in Shandog province. Even Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing can be out of reach for tourists during the next week due to stormy weather.

Yet if you feel like travelling in China during the monsoon season note that Guanzhou and the adjacent southern regions see the most of the railfall in May. The monsoon moves gradually froum south to north, hitting Shanghai is June and August and reaching Beijing and Xian by July. Flooding in not uncommon is the areas along Lijiang and Yangtze rivers and some bicycle routes and caves in Guilin province may be closed.

If travelling during this perionds do check weather forecasts and plan more indoor activities like visiting museums and galleries. Pack layers as humidity is high and it becomes really tough to dry your clothes in a course of one night.



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