Etawah Safari Park Will Be Opened in October

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Etawah Safari Park Will Be Opened in October

The Etawah Safari Park, Uttar Pradesh, India, inaugurated on June 1st, will be hopefully opened for public in October this year.

The construction of the park, which is a drive-through safari park, started in 2012 initially under the name 'Lion Safari Etawah'. Currently there are 75 animals of four species in the park: lions, leopards, deer and bears thus the change of the name. Accordingly, there will be four types of safaris on offer: Deer Safari, Bear Safari, Leopard Safari and Lion Safari plus a 4D theatre to let the visitors have a closer glimpse of wild life. The preparation for the grand opening is well under way, as reported by Uttar Pradesh Forest Minister Dara Singh Chauhan who has visited the park recently and planted five Panchavati trees.

The Etawah Safari Park is going to be one of the largest safari parks in Asia. The park is located close to Etawan city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It can be reached by road – either by private car or bus – from Agra, Lucknow and New Delhi within two, three or 5 hours respectively. The former is also the closest domestic airport while the two latter both have international airports, as well.



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