Phi Ta Khon Festival Will Be Held in Dan Sai This Weekend

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Phi Ta Khon Festival Will Be Held in Dan Sai This Weekend

The annual Phi Ta Khon festival, held in Dan Sai district in the northeastern province of Loei, Thailand, starts this Saturday, June, 16 and will last for three days till Monday, June, 18.

The ghost mask festival, as Phi Ta Khon is commonly known, is arguably one of the most distinctive, original and colourful festivals in the country. This year, to add an international touch to the festival, the Ministry of Culture has also invited participants from other countries like Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and South Korea to display their own masks and costumes. The entry to the festival is free of charge and both locals and tourists are invited to take part in the event.

The program of the festival includes a festive procession from Wat Phon Chai to the river, monk food offerings, a cultural ceremony at the temple and performances on the stage on Saturday; more performances, a grand opening ceremony and a parade with firing bamboo rockets on Sunday; and Buddhist sermons at Wat Phon Chai on Sunday. All the three days will be filled with a lot of mask dancing, music and fun. There will be many food and drink stalls as well as souvenir shops selling a variety of accessories related to the festival, including costumes, masks, t-shits and more.



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