Experience Ubud from a Bird's Eye View

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Experience Ubud from a Bird's Eye View

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud, a luxury GHM resort in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, sitting amid breathtakingly beautiful rice fields, has started offering its guests hot air baloon tours to experience the aereal view of Ubud.

Hot air baloon tours, which enjoy great popularity in many tourist places throughout Southeast Asia, including Bagan in Myanmar, Vang Vieng in Laos or Angkor Archeological Park in Cambodia, are a novelty for Bali. It is planned that the 'flights' will be offered from June to November, during the high season, when the weather on the island ensures a smooth flying experience.

A 23m tethered hot air baloon will make three flights a day, climbing up tp 50m hight with each flight lasting between 5 and 7 minutes. Morning and afternoon flights will cost USD150 for two guests with a light breakfast or lunch included while a sunset evening flight will include dinner for two at USD200.

The passengers will be able to take in views of expansive rice fields and Mt Agung in the distance – the visibility permitting. Each flight will be able to take up maximum two adults and two children plus a certified pilot. It makes the Bali hot air baloon experience somewhat more intimate and private compared to many other places where huge baskets accommodating up to 20 passengers are used.



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22 June 2018

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