Put Your Best Dancing Shoes On the Next Weekend in Singapore!

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Put Your Best Dancing Shoes On the Next Weekend in Singapore!

Singapore is ready for raucous fun and revelry as ULTRA, a grandiouse electronic dance music will hit the city-state the next weekend, June 15-16, bigger and crazier than ever.

Arguably the world’s premier electronic dance music extravaganza, ULTRA is an annual event founded in 1999 and initially held in the American city of Maiami, Florida. In 2007, Ibiza, Spain, joined the club and since 2012 between two and six new countries add their names to the list of ULTRA locations every year.

The first Singaporean edition of the festival saw the light of the day in 2015. The early-bird tickets were sold in shocking 21 minute and since 2016 the ULTRA Singapore has become an annual two-day event held in the Ultra Park with over 50,000 people in attendance.

This year, 42 musical groups and singers will participate in the festival. Tickets start at SGD120 for the cheapest 1 day 3rd tier pass and go up to SGD245 for a premium 2 day pass.




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