Night Market for Tourists in An Vinh Commune, Vietnam, to Open in May

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Night Market for Tourists in An Vinh Commune, Vietnam, to Open in May

A night market for tourists will open on Ly Son Island with the population of 21,000 in May. 

The island is in 30km off the coast of Quang Ngai province in Vietnam. The market will be situated in front of Muong Thanh Ly Son Hotel and will work from 6 till 10.30 in the evening daily. It will house 40 pavilions to sell souvenirs and seafood and have an entertainment centre.

Ly Son Island and the neighbouring An Binh islet received more than 200,000 tourists in 2017 in eighteen hotels, guesthouses and homestays. The lack of shopping centres and nightlife has not stimulated tourism. At the moment one thousand tourists are staying there. The guests are treated to local cuisine and hands-on farming experience of harvesting garlic and onion. Ly Son is nicknamed the ‘King of Garlic’ as the inhabitants earn their living by farming garlic and onion.

The island and the coast of Binh Son District are expected to be approved as a Global GeoPark by UNESCO. The festival held there to remember the dead on the sea patrol with supernatural creatures procession and launching paper lanterns has been recognized the National Intangible Heritage.



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