Fruit Season Brings Rayong Fruit Festival on June 1-5

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Fruit Season Brings Rayong Fruit Festival on June 1-5

The fruit season returns between the summer and rainy season in Thailand and fruit buffets in orchards opened on April 27.  

Rayong province in the east of Thailand is one of the best destinations to partake the freshest Thai fruits. The province is famous for agricultural produce of good quality. Rayong Fruit Festival 2018 will be held at Ta Phong Fruit Central Market. The aim of the festival is to improve fruit and vegetable quality and to let the farmers present their produce as well as to promote tourism in the province. 

Before the beginning of the festival fruit buffets are held around Rayong from different dates of April till the end of July. Many kinds of durian can be tastes at fruit buffets in different places. Other delicious fruit are rambutan, mangosteen, langsat, snake fruit and salacca. The visitors will be able to taste papaya salad ‘somtam’, Thai rice vermicelli with curry, fried chicken, Thai dessert,sweetened sticky rice with coconut milk and other dishes. 

The buffets can be found in the following orchards: Suan Yai Da, Suan Lung Thongbai, Suang Lung Praset in Tapong Sub-district, Muang District and other districts of Rayong.  



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