More Land to Develop Tourism in Madhya Pradesh State, India

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More Land to Develop Tourism in Madhya Pradesh State, India

The state of Madhya Pradesh in central India, nicknamed the ‘Heart of India’ has got land bank to develop tourism. The money comes from public and private sources. 

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has been recently reorganized and acquired over 849 hectares of land from 49 of its districts. The plan is to develop regional projects connected with expansion of tourism. 432 hectares of land will be procured soon. Thus the land bank is quite impressive.

The state is divided into five tourism regions where the potential for private investment has been outlined: Indore, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Gwalior and Rewa.

Madhya Pradesh is rightly considered to be the cultural centre of India as it possesses magnificent carved temples, palaces and forts. It has also got spectacular landscape of mountains, teak and sal forests, rivers and diverse flora and fauna: vultures, langur monkeys, tigers, antelopes and even bisons. It is here where wildlife safaris take place. There are ten national parks and a number of nature reserves. The state is also reputed for the blend of history, mythology and spirituality. Four sites of Madhya Pradesh are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It will become an experience of a lifetime for tourists.



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