Wanto to Travel the World Visa-Free? Japan and Singapore Are the Best Passports!

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Wanto to Travel the World Visa-Free? Japan and Singapore Are the Best Passports!

According to the 2018 Henley Passport Index which is based on the data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Japan and Singapore outran Germany giving visa-free access to 180 countries, while Germany comes third with 179 destinations.

Thus, Japan and Singapore offer the best travelopportunities to their citizens and are among the few in theworld that provide visa-free access to the four major global economies – India,China, the EU, and the US. The UK stands 4th on the list and the USA is the 5thoffering its citizens 176 destinations. The RF has climbed three places and nowis the 45th. 

Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are at the bottom ofthe Henley Passport Index, they only offer the access to 30 or fewerdestinations visa-free. As Uzbekistan cancelled an entry visa inendeavour to increase the flow of tourists, some countries of Asia and MiddleEast have gained an advantage. The Asian and Middle East regions aremore active in visa-policy than European and American partners. 

To improve one’s global mobility with a strongerpassport, alternative citizenship is the most effective solution. For thatpurpose citizenship-by-investment programs are rapidly growing so enterprising individualsare welcome.  



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