Tourism in Myanmar to Rise when New Law Approved

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Tourism in Myanmar to Rise when New Law Approved

The Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Law which has been in force since 1993 might be amended thanks to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. After that a home tourist programme will be real. 

Inaccordance with the current law the ministry is capable of issuing four kindsof licenses: for hotels and guest houses, for tour companies, tour guides andtourist transport. What is necessary is to add one more license for touristrelated business – home-stays, spas and tourist entertainment which will enablethe further development of tourism industry. 

The Tourismand other ministries did not give home-stay permit in the countryside becauseof security and cultural concerns. Now it has been added. The home-stayprogramme corresponds to ASEAN standards so it is likely to be implemented,according to U Thet lwin Toh, chairman of the Myanmar Travel Association. Thehome-stay programme is supposed to cater for local and foreign students andpackage tours following the example of Thailand. 

The overallnumber of tourists in Myanmar increased in 2017 up to 3.44 mln which is 18 percent growth in comparison with 2.9 mln in 2017. The National Tourism Conferencewill be held on 15 May aiming to solve the tourism related problems the countryis facing now.  



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