New mega airport for Phnom Penh gets green light

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New mega airport for Phnom Penh gets green light

The government of Cambodia has given provisional approval to a plan to build a huge new airport to serve the capital city of Phnom Penh. If it gets built, the facility will be 25kms south of the centre of the city and occupy a 6,400 acre site.

The site earmarked for the new airport and main international gateway to Cambodia is at a place called Kandal Steung in Kandal Province. A ballpark estimation of the construction cost is US$1.5 billion but this is without specifying the number of terminals, runways or any other essential airport infrastructure.

The State Secretariat of Civil Aviation has agreed in principle to coordinate the project with the China Development Bank and a major investment corporation. Although the new airport would be six times the size of the current Phnom Penh Airport, aviation industry analysts claim it would eventually run into the same problems.

This is namely out-of-control urban expansion. The current airport is being swallowed up by the city’s western suburbs. The experts explain that as Kandal Steung is not so far from the city it too will eventually become a part of it and hence unable to grow in the long term. 

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