US rockers Incubus to play Bangkok concert in February

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US rockers Incubus to play Bangkok concert in February

Californian rock band Incubus are scheduled to make a stop in Bangkok next month on the Asian leg of their new tour. Incubus will be on stage at the BCC Hall in the Central Plaza Lardprao Mall at 20:30 on the 15 February.

The band changes its sound seemingly as often as the wind changes direction and song styles vary between the funk of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Metallica’s heavy metal. The tour does not kick off until the 2 February and so no set-lists of songs are yet available.

Incubus released an eighth studio album last April. The creatively named ‘8’ peaked at Number 4 on the Billboard charts. The single Nimble Bastard was taken from the album and is expected to make an appearance on the set list alongside other tracks including No Fun and Love in a Time of Surveillance.

Tickets for Incubus live in Bangkok went on sale in mid-December but 12GO ASIA says there is still availability. Standard tickets are THB1,500 and front row zone ones are THB2,200.



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