No swimming red flags still posted on Cha Am beach

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No swimming red flags still posted on Cha Am beach

Choppy seas and strong winds in the Gulf of Thailand have led authorities in Cha Am to post red no swimming flags on the beach. The current bout of windy weather has resulted in the red flags flying almost continually since the dawn of the New Year.

Thai media sources reporting late on Wednesday noted the flags were still up and people on the beach were few and far between. The high waves have also washed debris onto the beach and this seems to primarily consist of discarded plastic bags and bottles.  

12GO ASIA says windy weather is fairly common at this time of the year on the southern coastal peninsula of Thailand. When the wind eases, the seas are plenty warm enough for swimming. The sun shining almost every day and a distinct lack of rain have made Thailand a popular holiday destination at this time of year.

The fact this Southeast Asian nation welcomed 35 million international visitors in 2017 is ample proof it is flavour of the moment with travellers. Splendid beaches, a huge choice of activities, unique tourist sites, better than average nightlife and tasty cuisine ensure Thailand’s tourism star is unlikely to fade any time soon.



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