Bangkok Airport passengers told not to leave gifts for the gods

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Bangkok Airport passengers told not to leave gifts for the gods

Passengers using Bangkok’s main airport have been asked to refrain from leaving gifts for the gods at the base of statues. The request follows an increase in the number of spiritual donations placed on the plinths of the statues in the terminal building at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The giant statues are spread throughout the Departures hall and feature characters from Thai and Hindu legends. Vishnu, multi-headed naga dragon statues and a scene depicting the churning of the milk ocean are among the highlights.

Thai people believe giving gifts to statues and small spirit houses at their homes keeps the gods happy and may actually bring good fortune. It seems like the same beliefs are behind the desire to placate the spirits before boarding flights.

12GO ASIA says an image of a red soda water placed at one of the statues went viral on social media on Monday and led to the request. The team says food and drinks left at the statues could be regarded as a security risk in the same way as unattended bags are.



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