Cambodia confirms new rules on long stay visas now apply

A director with the Cambodian Interior Ministry has confirmed new rules apply to foreigners applying for long-stay visas. Sok Veasna told the Phnom Penh Post earlier this month that people who apply for long-term business visas would now have to show work permits.

The director explained that the new regulations were effective from the 2 October and this was one month after the ministry announced the change. He carried on by saying rumours the change had been deferred until next year were simply not true.

The rules are only pertinent to tourists who apply for six or twelve month visas. Applicants have to show work-permits and letters from employers confirming they are still employed.

Mr Veasna noted that the change in policy did not cover freelance workers or digital nomads, but the Non-Immigrant Division would judge these on a case-by-case basis. He added that foreigners who did this kind of work could help themselves by providing documentation proving what their employment was.  
The Phnom Penh 12GO ASIA travel specialists say that foreign tourists entering Cambodia on one or three month business visas are exempt from the policy. It is still business as usual for the time being regarding the issuance of these visas.




Yala authorities estimate 2019 finish for Betong Airport construction

Local authorities say an under construction airport giving access to the far south of Thailand should be finished by the end of 2019. Betong Airport is being built in Yala Province and the local Chamber of Commerce boss says work is progressing at a good pace.

19 January 2018

No trains to Singapore Changi Airport Station on Sunday

As part of planned maintenance there will be no MRT trains to Singapore’s Changi Airport for the next two Sundays. Changi Airport Station and preceding stations on the green East-West Line (EWL) will be closed to trains on Sunday 21 and Sunday 28 January.

19 January 2018

New Bangkok private bus route launches with free travel promo

A new privately operated Bangkok bus service was introduced on Tuesday with a promotional offer of free fares. Marat’s Route R26E is offering free travel for five days with the offer set to expire on Saturday evening.

18 January 2018