Doksuri rain storms set to lash upper regions of Thailand

Thailand’s Meteorological Department issued a warning yesterday saying heavy rain was set to batter the northern half of Thailand. The forecasted noted tropical storm Doksuri was working its way across the upper area of the South China Sea and was expected to hit northeastern Thailand on Friday.

They estimated that Doksuri was travelling at an average speed of 15kms an hour. This means the northeast and northern areas of the country are likely to be wet for much of Friday and Saturday.

The weather alert says the rain is likely to be really heavy at times and might bring winds of up to 75 knots. The tail-end of the southwest monsoon is also expected to reach as far as the northeast and this may exacerbate the rainfall there.

12GO ASIA’s resident travel specialists say that while the rainstorms are inconvenient the sun is usually shining a couple of days later. They also say travellers catching buses, trains or aeroplanes during inclement weather should allow a little extra time to get to their departure stations.




Yala authorities estimate 2019 finish for Betong Airport construction

Local authorities say an under construction airport giving access to the far south of Thailand should be finished by the end of 2019. Betong Airport is being built in Yala Province and the local Chamber of Commerce boss says work is progressing at a good pace.

19 January 2018

No trains to Singapore Changi Airport Station on Sunday

As part of planned maintenance there will be no MRT trains to Singapore’s Changi Airport for the next two Sundays. Changi Airport Station and preceding stations on the green East-West Line (EWL) will be closed to trains on Sunday 21 and Sunday 28 January.

19 January 2018

New Bangkok private bus route launches with free travel promo

A new privately operated Bangkok bus service was introduced on Tuesday with a promotional offer of free fares. Marat’s Route R26E is offering free travel for five days with the offer set to expire on Saturday evening.

18 January 2018