Promotion fares for Bangkok Purple Line pegged until December

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Promotion fares for Bangkok Purple Line pegged until December

Bangkok’s Metropolitan Rapid Transit has confirmed promotional fares for Purple Line rail services will stay the same until the end of 2017. Passengers travelling between Tao Poon and Khlong Bang Phai on the Purple Line will still pay between THB14 and THB29 for their journeys.

The fare relates to distance travelled. Those travelling on the weekends save even more money if they go farther as a fixed fare of THB15 applies for any Purple Line journey.

Since the so-called ‘missing link’ from Tao Poon to the rest of Bangkok’s urban rail network launched just over a month ago passenger numbers have increased dramatically. When the Purple Line launched a year ago it attracted only 20,000 passengers a day on average.

Once the connector line to Bang Sue launched on 11 August, the figure more than doubled and now an average 49,000 passengers travel on the Purple Line every day. 12GO ASIA notes that while the Purple Line is primarily a commuter line it does give access to northwest Bangkok, Nonthaburi and temples such as Wat Ta Khian and Wat Bang Phai.



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