Jellyfish alert for Pranburi and nearby Gulf of Thailand beaches

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Jellyfish alert for Pranburi and nearby Gulf of Thailand beaches

Volunteer rescue and aid workers in Pranburi say holidaymakers should avoid swimming in the sea for the time being. Workers attached to the Sawang Phaepaisan Thammasathan Foundation say they treated eight people for jellyfish stings on Sunday.

A spokesperson confirmed all eight people had been swimming in the sea near Pranburi and all had to be taken to Pranburi Hospital for treatment. Beachgoers reported hundreds of jellyfish had been washed inshore and up on to beaches by rough seas and high waves over the weekend.

The affected stretch of coastline was six kilometres long and between Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi’s main beach, and Khao Kalok. Stings from the chrysaora jellyfish found in the Gulf of Thailand are painful but are only fatal in cases where there is an extreme reaction. Local amphur officials say signs will be put up to warn of the dangers.

12GO ASIA’s resident experts say jellyfish sightings on Gulf of Thailand beaches are fairly common during the rainy season. They say swimmers should exercise caution when in the water or, better still, book hotels with swimming pools as nightly rates are invariably cheaper at this time of year.

Our image of the gulf jellyfish comes with courtesy of Manager Online.



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