Revamp of Bangkok city bus routes begins in two weeks

Thailand’s Land Transport Department has announced trials on a long-term programme which will see Bangkok’s bus routes revamped and simplified. The month-long trial runs will begin on the 25 August and will see eight routes inaugurated.

Department director Sanit Promwong told reporters the new routes have been created from existing ones but have been adapted so they are fit for purpose. The plan for the next two years is to launch a total of 269 routes with buses serving each zone of the city colour coded and numbered for ease of recognition.

The four colours are blue, green, red and yellow. This colour code will be included in the route number. The letters B, G, R and Y in English script will designate the zone and precede the next three digits of the route number.

Mr Promwong explained that the new bus routes would run alongside old ones during the transition period. He noted that this would help commuters and tourists get used to the changes.  

12GO ASIA’s resident travel gurus in Bangkok say the city’s bus network is comprehensive and covers every imaginable location. Fares are also generally cheaper than for the Skytrain and the Metro for comparable distances. The image of the new bus was supplied by Thai PBS.




New Bangkok private bus route launches with free travel promo

A new privately operated Bangkok bus service was introduced on Tuesday with a promotional offer of free fares. Marat’s Route R26E is offering free travel for five days with the offer set to expire on Saturday evening.

18 January 2018

The Telegraph UK releases 2018 Top 10 Asian rail journeys

Four signature rail trips in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia feature in The Top 10 of The Telegraph’s Asian railway journeys for 2018. The UK daily newspaper recommended the 36-hour odyssey on Vietnam’s Reunification Express. The service links North and South Vietnam with terminuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

18 January 2018

US rockers Incubus to play Bangkok concert in February

Californian rock band Incubus are scheduled to make a stop in Bangkok next month on the Asian leg of their new tour. Incubus will be on stage at the BCC Hall in the Central Plaza Lardprao Mall at 20:30 on the 15 February.

17 January 2018