Khon Kaen to build museum to house ancient religious artefacts

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Khon Kaen to build museum to house ancient religious artefacts

Authorities in the Thai city of Khon Kaen have announced they will build a museum to house collections of religious artefacts unearthed recently. Local residents dug up the pieces at Chom Sri Temple.

Fine Arts Department archaeologists who came to the town to examine the items say some are probably 2,000 years old. The pieces found include Buddha plaques and statues, and ceramic jars and bowls.  

Late last month, the archaeologists extended the search area at the temple and found even more buried treasures. As well as more household utensils and religious objets d'art, the searchers unearthed a wall said to be at least 200 years old. 

Khon Kaen is a cultural hub in the northeast Isarn region of Thailand and is also the gateway to Nong Khai and onwards to Laos and its capital city, Vientiane. People heading into this interesting corner of the world will find 12GO ASIA the best choice when making travel reservations.



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