Cambodia endangered turtles get new home in Koh Kong

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Cambodia endangered turtles get new home in Koh Kong

Wildlife conservationists in western Cambodia say they have shifted 206 rare Royal Turtles to a newly established reptile conservation facility. The new home for the Cambodian national reptiles is the Koh Kong Conservation Centre.

The relocation was a joint exercise carried out by conservationists from the US headquartered Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Cambodia’s Marine Fisheries Department. Spokesperson Eng Mengey told media sources the centre featured five decent sized ponds and sand dunes for the turtles to nest.

Fisheries Division director Ouk Vibol explained that Royal Turtles had almost been wiped out in Cambodia and it was crucial to protect them and ensure they survived for posterity.  WCS director for the country, Ross Sinclair, said the long-term goal for the centre was to bring in other species including Siamese crocodiles and maybe even turn it into an ecotourism destination.

Royal Turtles were given their name because in days of yore their eggs were a delicacy reserved for the country’s monarchy. They were long thought to have died out, but in 2000 a few were found in an isolated location. Conservation efforts since have led to 382 hatchlings. Many of these have since been returned to their natural habitats.



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