Mawlamyine Myanmar – Best Value Hotels and Guesthouses

As Mawlamyine is a lot smaller and less visited by tourists than other areas of Myanmar, it’s not as easy to find accommodation and it is worth booking well in advance.

As with all accommodation in Myanmar, be prepared for standards to be fairly basic and don’t expect a lot from the wifi or air-conditioning if you will be staying at a budget hotel or guesthouse. What you can usually expect however, is a warm welcome and lovely friendly service which is one of the highlights of any accommodation in Myanmar.

That said, whilst most of the accommodation in Mawlamyine is fairly basic, it’s not too expensive. Whilst tourist areas like Bagan have made the most of the number of travellers visiting to push up hotel prices, leaving you paying in some cases extortionate rates for very basic facilities, this isn’t so much the case in Mawlamyine and it’s possible to pick up rooms for fairly low prices, especially if you’re booking in advance or travelling in low season.

The best area to look for accommodation

The waterfront, along which Strand Road runs, is the busiest and liveliest part of town and most popular accommodation is clustered in this area. It’s close by to plenty of markets, restaurants and bars, so an easy stumble home if you do go out to explore the local area in the evening. It’s a convenient place to base yourself for exploring both the city centre and the wider area, whether travelling independently or using tours to see more of Mawlamyine.


Budget guesthouses and hostels in this area where you can expect to meet plenty of other travellers include Breeze Guesthouse and OK Hotel. Be prepared for fairly old and basic facilities, with plain rooms and not many mod cons, but a friendly atmosphere and a cheap bed for the night. There have also been reports of bed bugs so do keep an eye out to avoid getting bitten if possible!

Breeze Guesthouse tends to be the most popular of the two and features a lovely private room for around USD40 if you can justify the expense, whilst you can expect to pay around USD8 for a single and USD16 for a double. Rooms are small and not necessarily comfortable but the owner is known for being friendly and helpful.

OK Hotel is popular for its free wifi and the restaurant downstairs offering cheap and tasty food. Expect a friendly welcome and be prepared to spend USD12 for a single, so a little more expensive but similar standard of facilities.


Also located nearby the waterfront a few streets back from the budget options are a couple of mid range hotels. Some of the best ones include Sandalwood Hotel which is a newer hotel and therefore a lot cleaner with newer facilities available. The price of the room includes a reasonable breakfast and they also provide some added extras like towels and a toothbrush. Prices are around USD35 for a double room with air conditioning but range between USD20 to USD40 depending on what type of room you choose and how many people are in your group otherwise.

Cinderella Hotel charges up to USD40 for a double but only USD15 if you’re happy to stay in a dorm and is very popular for it’s more comfortable facilities. It’s known for well decorated interiors, friendly staff, comfortable rooms and the attached restaurant. Again breakfast is included and this is a popular choice for travellers who aren’t on a tight budget.

To book or not to book

Overall it shouldn’t be too difficult to find somewhere decent to stay in Mawlamyine, although there are probably less than 20 hotels in the city as a whole, at least those that are advertised online, so if you don’t want to risk spending time wandering around trying to find a room it’s worth booking in advance and being reasonable organised.


Track improvements to slash Yangon to Mawlamyine train travel time

An engineer with Myanmar’s national railway company says track improvements will reduce travel time between two of the nation’s biggest cities. Travelling between Yangon and Mawlamyine will take just six hours in two years’ time. 

31 October 2017