Amber Fort (Amber, 11Km from Jaipur)
Amber Fort (Amber, 11Km from Jaipur) by Jorge Lascar

Jaipur India – Tourist Attractions Not to Miss

Jaipur is widely known as the Pink City because almost every building within the walled historic centre is pink. The city has many historical sights that will introduce you to their rich culture and ancient history. As you may have already realized, the most iconic and interesting sights in the city are old buildings and ancient palaces. Travellers who have a passion for architecture and history will really enjoy the sights we’re going to share.

1. Nahargarh Fort

If you’re an active traveller who enjoys hiking, Nahargarh Fort (10am – 5.30pm daily; 30INR foreigners, 10INR Indians) is the place you are advised to visit.

The fort which is located on Aravali Hills was built to defend the city. You will enjoy stunning views from the fort overlooking the city. The best time to go there is at sunset as you will catch one of the most amazing sunsets there. There is also a bar on top that serves snacks and beer, which makes it a perfect place to relax. Please note that the bar works till 10pm. If you find yourself there during the night, you will be amazed by the attractive lights illuminating the fort.

Nahargarh Fort is easily reached by taxi, bus or you can trek for 30 minutes to have even a better experience.

2. Monkey Temple

Another interesting sight in Jaipur is the Hindi temple called Monkey Temple (daily; free).

It’s located between two granite cliffs and you can find many water pools around the temple. One pool is occupied by about a thousand monkeys who live there. Don’t worry, the monkeys aren’t aggressive and they like to be fed. There is no entry fee which means the stuff doesn't maintain the area. We saw much trash around the temple as well as people who were begging. We advise you to visit the temple at sunset as the monkeys usually climb the temple which produces spectacular views. It’s a perfect attraction for the people who love hiking as the temple is located on a hill.

To get there, walk until you reach Sun Temple and then follow the downhill steps that will lead you to Monkey Temple.

3. Jantar Mantar Observatory

The Jantar Mantar (9am – 4.30pm daily; 100INR foreigners, 20INR Indians) is a very old historic observatory located near the City Palace.

The complex was built in the 1730s by King Jai Singh II. The most interesting part of the observatory is that it consists of 14 different constructions each having a special purpose. For example, you can find constructions for measuring time, making predictions and tracking the stars. We find one of the constructions breathtaking as it shows you one undeniable fact that time is passing fast. That particular construction is also the tallest one in the complex being 30 meters tall. It throws the shadow every minute showing the time is passing quickly.

4. Amber Fort and Palace

If you’re looking for spectacular scenes, you can’t but visit Amber Fort (8am – 5.30pm and 7pm – 10pm; 500INR foreigners, 100INR Indians).

The complex was the home of the Rajput royal family before the city of Jaipur was constructed. It consists of many palaces, gardens, temples and halls and the whole fort overlooks Maota Lake. Take a bus or taxi that will take you to the fort for a reasonable price. There is an opportunity of exploring the fort riding an elephant, but we can’t recommend the activity as it is torturing animals.

5. City Palace

The City Palace (9.30am – 5pm daily; 300INR foreigners, 75INR Indians) is one of the most iconic places to visit in Jaipur.

It’s a home of the royal family. The complex has many buildings, gardens and temples built in Rajasthani architecture. You can enjoy beautiful art in the gallery and explore the museum to learn about the history and tradition of Jaipur. You can easily reach the place taking a frequently running bus or taxi. We were amazed by the costumes and weapons of the royal family presented in the museum.