Useful Tips on Travel Insurance for Cambodia

Ah, travel insurance – what a topic. There is absolutely no doubt that the health insurance and coverage of your possessions is widely valued by travellers, especially in third-world countries like Cambodia. However, the landscape of travel insurance is complex, and required intense scrutiny – not too dissimilar from the scrutiny you’ll face when making a claim! Let’s get to it.

Is travel insurance necessary for Cambodia?

Travel insurance is, strictly speaking, not necessary. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not advisable. Very few things in this life are, in fact, necessary. Paying your fines, optional. Listening to your parents, a grey area – but still, optional. However, sometimes it’s wise to do things we don’t really want to do -–to pay money for things that we’d rather spend on fun. To remain healthy and happy should be our well-embraced adult responsibility.

Travel insurance, in all seriousness, is a prudent investment. Listen to the more cautious aspects of yourself and plan for the worst possible outcomes on your trip. If you can do that, and be covered and comfortable in these instances, you will be able to enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that you want.

Where to buy travel insurance?

There are many companies online that offer various packages for travellers. Of the most recognised is World Nomads. You need to do your research thoroughly when you choose a company, and then when you choose a plan. If there is ever a time to read the fine-print in your agreement, this would be it. Make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities, and know exactly what you need to have and do to ensure your coverage remains intact.

For everyday, minor incidents that can happen on the road, your travel insurance is not going to matter. You’ll head to the doctor or hospital and get yourself sorted out.

However, should you break an arm, get into a motorcycle accident, or have something very serious happen to you that threatens your life, having travel insurance will not only save you thousands of dollars, it will make the difference between living and dying. Instances such as these are the essence of the argument for those who are in favour of travel insurance, which of course, is entirely understandable.

Choosing to not purchase travel insurance must be done with the clear understanding of the risk that you expose yourself to. Of course, you stand to save a few hundred dollars at the outset, but could end up losing much more than this if the odds don’t go in your favour.

What should your travel insurance for Cambodia cover?

Considering that you will be spending a lot of your time gallivanting the streets, hiking on top of mountains, floating over lakes, diving under water and stretching your arms out above viewpoints, you need to ensure that your coverage is appropriate and extensive.
Insurance companies are clear about the activities that they do and don’t cover, so making sure you’re covered is a breeze.

It is important that you read the fine-print of the coverage concerning lost or stolen luggage or possessions. It is typical that the reimbursement for phones and other possessions is not enough to cover the cost of the possession itself, but is rather a fraction of its total value. Thus, to avoid disappointment at a later stage, you need to be acutely aware of what it is you’re receiving from the company. Along these lines, should you need to claim for an incident, you need to ensure that you have all the proofs, receipts, and documents that can confirm that you owned the possession prior to the onset of the policy. Claims from the company can be easily refuted should all the necessary paperwork not hold up.

Possibly the most important thing you need to be covered for is an emergency medical evacuation to a hospital that can treat you. Really, this is what you’re most interested in as a traveller heading into these comparatively undeveloped parts of the world.

How to choose appropriate travel insurance

Each person’s travel itinerary will be unique. As such, insurance companies offer varying packages for all kinds of people, and all kinds of activities. Things that you need to consider that will affect the package you choose, as well as the price you pay include the overall cost of your holiday (in case you cancel it), the activities you plan on doing, what valuables you will have with you, which destinations you are visiting, what you want your excess to be, and what medical coverage you want. Be meticulous in your planning to ensure that you are not blindsided by a technicality or an important facet of your agreement that you have overlooked.

What to do in the event of insured accident?

Should you find yourself in a medical emergency, you need to be careful about your next steps. If the situation allows it, it is best to call the emergency team from your insurance company before you make arrangements on your end. While this may be extremely difficult, it will help ensure that you do not take any actions that may invalidate you claim. The company’s emergency team will authorize the claim and make the arrangements to have you taken care of.

Should you be unable to do this, and you really need to act fast, it is wise to have a clear prior understanding of what your insurance company will cover, and if there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that the claim stands up to any scrutiny from their end. You need to ensure that you call the company as soon as the situation allows so that you can have the medical costs approved.

For other situations in which a trip to the hospital is warranted, but is not an emergency, you need to get hold of your insurance company before you commit to any procedures. This will not only ensure you are covered for any costs, but the company will also help you find the most appropriate facility for you.

For stolen luggage, you need to file a police report within 24 hours to ensure that your policy holds up. For lost or damaged baggage, the process is more complex. You may need to try and receive compensation with your carrier first, and then liaise with your insurance company should you be unable to be compensated from your carrier.

The level of health care in Cambodia

The standard of medical care in Cambodia is, sadly, somewhat disappointing. The hospitals are basic, and don’t inspire the highest level of confidence in the system. There is but one doctor for every five thousand people in the country. However, the hospitals are not overcrowded and are not especially unhygienic. Any serious incident will require an emergency evacuation to a hospital either in Bangkok or in Singapore.

However, should you not have a serious injury, and a trip the local hospital is sufficient, medical attention to your issue, the cost of the equipment used, a bed for the night, and any medication that you receive is unlikely to surpass USD 100.


In conclusion, there is little doubt that the risks associated with a cover-free holiday and a little more cash in the bank are far out-weighed by the peace of mind, and emergency coverage of a travel insurance policy. So, be wise and look after your fleeting existence. Enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind you hope to come back home with.