Best Beaches in Malaysia – Choose Your Favourite!

The beaches of Malaysia are truly quite stunning. So much so, that trying to decide where the best beaches in Malaysia are is like trying to decide which MnM is your favourite. While they may be slightly different, they are all amazing, and really, you would be hard pressed to make the decision between them. However, in the interest of making sense of the plethora of options that lie before you, with some time spent gawking at incredible photos on the net and another look at your dates, you’ll soon be booking your ultimate paradise getaway to the beach of your choice.

Beautiful Sepangar Bay From UMS ODEC by thienzieyung

Two beaches within an easy access from Kuala Lumpur

It is surprising that you need only travel around 50 minutes out of Kuala Lumpur to get somewhere where there is nothing between you and the horizon. There is something very comforting about being able to escape the concrete slabs and neon lights with nothing but the thought to do so and some wheels under your feet.

1. Port Dickson

Port Dickson is the shortest possible destination outside of Kuala Lumpur that will allow you to dip your toes in salty water and feel the grain of the sand in between your feet. While Port Dickson is only an hour away, it feels a world apart. Some of the most notable beaches in the area include Pantai Saujana, Bagan Pinang, and Pantaya Cahaya Negeri. Not only do these beaches provide the opportunity to so quickly escape the madness of the city, they can also be a playground to you. Watersport activities present opportunities to get high on life before a less favourable trip back to the city.

2. Mori Beach

Morib Beach is also very close to Kuala Lumpur, being just 64km away. The beach is small and there is not a lot to do. To some, this sounds like a perfect opportunity. Grab a blanket, a picnic basket, a few glasses and a camera to document yourself, the waves and the moments that you share. If you’re not the picnicking type, there is also a radical seafood restaurant on the beach, which is reason enough to make a trip out of the city. Should this not be the kind of vibe that you want when you think of yourself on a beach, try Bagan Lalang just beside it!

Further afield

The beaches of Malaysia are, of course, diverse. Diverse in their location, geography, and price (of ice-creams and accommodation, and spa treatments). Many beautiful islands scattered along the peninsular are ready to be explored, so let’s begin.

1. Tioman Island

Tioman Island is widely known as being a classically beautiful one. Hence, its inclusion in this list should come as no surprise. The island's east coast is home to some special real estate. The beaches of Juara are a favourite among green sea turtles, which will probably make it a favourite of yours. The beach is also home to some great coral reefs. Luscious, clean, and full of potential entertainment, there is little more needed to make the trip to the sands of this island.

2. Perenthian Besar

Perenthian Besar is important because the beach and overarching sky come alive at dusk. There are clouds that look like they've been drawn in, and all the shades of orange grace the eyes of the lucky few witnessing it. The daylight hours on the beach are hardly a struggle, either. The island is busy and is well catered to tourists ready to spend a little money during their stay.

3. Perenthian Kecil

The small Perenthian Kecil provides similar visual delights, however, the island is much cheaper. Backpackers and those not fazed by comfortable pillows and room temperatures will find very little to complain about here. Mira Beach is a wonderful part of the island to inhabit for a short while. Scheduled electricity hours, great bars, and a reef off the far left of the beach all promise to thrust you into the moment.

4. Redang Island

If there was ever a beach, island, and atmosphere that constantly reminded you that you were on holiday, it is those of Redang Island. The island is the primary choice of the beach-seeking, financially capable traveller roaming the eastern peninsular of Malaysia. The stretches of sand perfectly line the luscious, thriving rainforest. The surrounding corals provide endless entertainment, are thriving and diverse, and are unbelievably close to the shore.

5. Coral Bay, Pangkor Island

Coral Bay beach in Pangkor makes it onto this list because it is so very well suited to a certain kind of person. The beach's water is constantly occupied by some adventurous activity of some kind. Whether it be abseiling, trekking, riding a banana boat or a jet ski, the island and beach is so ready for the squeals of joy and shrieks of terror that play a sort of theme tune to the islands activities.

6. Emerald bay, Pangkor Island

Emerald bay differs from the rest of these beaches in that the water is a greeny colour. However, beyond that, it’s pretty much your stock standard, jaw dropping scene off a movie. The little cove of the island has this fantastic light in the golden hours of the day. This, along with the incredible backdrop of the enveloping forest make for a popular location for those seeking a little romance on their getaway.

7. Lankayan Island

Lankayan Island may just be the most beautiful patch of land on the entire earth. It is the epitome of untouched and wild, a paradise so small and only yours. The tiny island is circled by a ring of white sand. Turtles grace the lively waters painted so many shades of blue. Beyond the beach that will make you wish you had made that indulgent decision to buy a drone, there are also some fantastic corals and dive sites around the island. Come and play!

8. Sipidan Island

Sipidan Island is famous for its unreal diversity of marine species in the surrounding dive sites. Barracudas, hammerhead sharks, and turtles are frequently found friends. The island itself is protected with no accommodation available. The beach is a consequent paradise. Deathly quiet and sparse, wide and beautiful with but a single pier for getting on and off the island. A day trip through to the island, or stop-off while on a diving trip is a necessity should you be in Borneo.

9. Mataking Island

Mataking Island seems a little unbelievable when you see a picture of it. The island is like this surreally simple and wildly beautiful little stretch of land. Sandbanks and stretches of azul water is really all there is - it is unperturbed by crowds, specials or neon lights. The island is an ideal spot to truly kickback and marvel at the serene surrounds.

10. Manana beach , Kota Belud

Manana beach in Kota Belud is a special beach. The beach is so secluded, so cut off from everything digital, new, square or fast-paced. The island is a secret exceptionally well kept. There is little to but grab a book, your sunglasses and clear spot of sand. Hours of unplugged enjoyment can be followed up by drinks and undisturbed conversations at bars and backpackers that line the beach.

11. Lupa Masa, Kudat

Lupa Masa is yet another very special beach. Why, you may think while reading this, is this beach different from the rest? Well, the answer comes in the form of bioluminescent phytoplankton. A visit at the right time of year will see you finding every reason to believe in magic and consciously dismissing the cynical and jaded aspects of yourself. Snorkel and hike during the day, then say a little prayer asking for some turtles, and then make your way beyond the waves in the middle of the night.

Two stunning beach hotels and resorts in Malaysia

1. Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkawi is a world famous beach resort. However, they have not rested on the lorals. In fact they have done some upgrades and added some brand new Pool Villas to their already impressive selection of rooms. Problematically though, they only make it harder to leave.

Villas are nestled in amongst the rainforest with pathways that connect rooms to rooms and people to people. From your balcony there is no shortage of wildlife to be spotted and fussed about. The resort is more than just its incredible rooms through. A host of watersport, jungle and underwater activities keep guests on cloud nine for their entire stay. To top this, they may just have the most beautiful and calming spa that the world has ever seen.

2. The Four Seasons, Langkawi

The Four Seasons chain of resorts is a big name in any conservation about beds, travel, or complete luxury. The Langkawi version of this international heavyweight does not disappoint. Truly incredible villas are built with the highest level of comfort in mind. Craftfully, the style of local Malay architecture shows itself in areas of design and finishings. The resort is so beautiful situated beside limestone cliffs and within the Kilim Karst Geoforest. Mangrove tours, rock climbing, countless photo opportunities, hikes and all things natural are hosted within the expansive grounds of the resort. The resort is well suited to families with large villas and a kids club for the young ones.


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