Blogger ticket

Dear blogger passenger,

You have an unique chance to ride free most of our inventory of more than a hundred companies region wide. Getting a blogger ticket is easy, but we unfortunately have some rules you have to keep in mind.

How to apply

Sahaphan Tour inside VIP bus
Sahaphan Tour inside VIP bus
Attr: routourthai

  1. Get your booking done and paid. You fall under all availability and cancellation limitations, like any other passenger - we have to oblige the requirements given us by our transport operators.
  2. Send us an a request from our support page stating your booking, your blog, camera and rest of the details you would want to give.
    NB Some routes are not eligible for blogger ticket, especially ones that were already well covered. We'll decide case by case.

  3. Arrive to the station in time and blog all your experiences during the travel (from transport/travel point of view: less travel emotions, more details :)
  4. Study other blogs and material on our site to have an example

  5. Send us the material and we will refund the ticket price.

NB one (1) ticket will be refunded. We understand that you as a couple split photo and writing workload, but at this moment we can only supply one ticket. However, an extensive and exceptionally detailed material will be an exception, as well as there is a difference between two 2nd class bus tickets to Korat, which will be very easily agreed, and two tickets for the First Class Railways compartment from Bangkok to Butterworth.

The text will be published at the respective route page on the 12go website, not on your blog. A quick mentioning 12go at your blog will be very appreciated, but please do not double post this text at your blog. We also reserve the right to fix this blog-text a little if we see need.


Blogger express with his posture he knows how to travel free
Blogger express with his posture he knows how to travel free

The text should be anything from a dull and boring text Hemingway style to Dostoevsky style with 10 pages of solid reading. The purpose is to answer potential questions from other travelers on the route you are taking. The best would be to abstract from yourself and instead of "I sat down and had a coffee" rather say "There are two cafes, one got wi-fi, the other one serves really nice cheesecakes, which was a difficult choice in the end." Readers are not really interested to know about you, they are interested to know about the route.

What kind of questions travelers may have ?

  • Where is the station in the city and how do I get there?
  • How does it look like?
  • What's at the station?
  • Does it have restaurants?
  • How does the check-in counter look like?
  • What's the check-in process?
  • Is the sky blue at the station?
  • How does the bus look like?
  • How are the seats?
  • Do they recline or have built-in massage function?
  • Does it have a TV in the seat?
  • Electric plug/wifi?
  • Which rows are best on this bus? Best row for leg space? For honeymoon ?
  • Does the toilet smell roses?
  • Is the driver on amphetamines?
  • etc. etc.

Think of it as a transportation wiki for the route you are taking. What would you yourself wanted to know before you travel?

Text requirements

  • 2-3 screens of quality detailed text
  • While plain text is alright, preferred format is markdown. That's an easy formatting we actually use right on this page. Headings, bolds, tables - you will save us a lot of time and this is greatly appreciated.

Photo requirements

  • a decent camera (not really mobile phone unless very descriptive photo)
  • preferably horizontal 1200x900 photo (or larger 4:3 ratio, JPEG compressed)
  • pre-processed: cut and fixed horizon, colors, noise removed etc.
  • some examples of photography could be found on our partner site routtourthai

Video requirements

  • if you do the video, please upload to youtube and send us the link.

A fellow traveler who has never been to the country, departing point or destination, but looking to take this route, upon reading that note should say "Wow! Now I know it all". Your name (only name) will be listed along with all routing details, prices and dates. The text should contain a few photos, to your taste, but this can't be blurred night shots made with a phone camera. All your geo position lat/long points will certainly add value to the text.

Well yes.. it's a bit of work guys, but hey - you would do this anyway, why not swap it for a free ticket?

I'm going to do it myself, too - watch out for 12Go t-shirts during your travel (do you want one? Come pick at our office!) We can also pay cash for the blogs (credit card refunds will take time to come back to the card) - again, come pick at the office. Do you speak languages and can actually help us with translations? Drop us a line.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
12Go Team

Video example: well yes, this one is too professional and cool
Attr: Brian Camuat