Tan Son Nhat airport到大叻 Hanh Cafe

Tan Son Nhat airport到大叻 Hanh Cafe


Tan Son Nhat airport去大叻 Hanh Cafe日程表

Tan Son Nhat airport去大叻 Hanh Cafe日程表
Mui Ne Sky Travel SUV 4pax 任何时间VND 3,190k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN738218:45 - 19:50VND 1,563k

Tan Son Nhat airport和大叻 Hanh Cafe之间的运输类型 从Tan Son Nhat airport到大叻 Hanh Cafe的交通

  • 火车不可用
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 Tan Son Nhat airport 到 大叻 Hanh Cafe ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 VIP舱, Kumho Samco (Kumho Samco), 2020年3月19日
The VIP bus was amazing value. Really comfortable berths and free shuttle to our accommodation in dalat.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年3月5日
So good trip. Staff help us to carry and allow to leave the luggag. We arrived dalat before time.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年3月1日
Semi-sleeper bus was comfortable for me (I'm 5'6") but a little short for my husband (who is 6'2"). There were two bathroom stops; both stops had food and drinks available. Staff at bus office in HCMC were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely take this bus again, but would probably buy direct from bus station. We met a traveler on one of the full sleeper buses who paid the same for her ticket for the same route on a better bus; she purchased in person at the bus station.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年2月23日
The bus trip of about 7hrs from HCM - Dalat was pleasantly comfortable. The sleeper seats could be pushed upright or reclined. Wifi onboard. 1 toilet break + 1 lunch break.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月16日
It was very cheap and super luxurious, with half beds instead of seats. Honestly, that was the best bus ride I had ever.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年2月11日
The bus leaves on time, make sure you exchange your booking for tickets beforehand. Early check in gets the ground floor beds. They provide a small water and you can buy snacks onboard and in the bus station. The beds are in fact private pods with usb chargers and beds that recline all the way. I slept comfortably although i am 1.88, with my knees bent a little. The bus stopped at least once in a gas station after about 1-1.5 hrs on the road. We arrived way before time at 4:10 AM. Once you arrive they move you to small shuttles and take you to your hotel.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月2日
Wasn’t given the choice to select seat and were assigned to the upper seats for all 4 pax. Don’t know how’s the allocation of seating but should prioritise on old people as am travelling with my parents and they are hard and dangerous to climb the upper part of seat.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月17日
Great service Thanks
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月16日
Driver took a lot of risks when overtaking it was scary. Bus was very comfortable good rest stops
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月14日
Much too cold, AC in Asia completely beserk, I catch a cold each time and know someone who gets bronchitis.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月11日
very comfortable
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年1月11日
Very comfortable. Best buses ive ever been on
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月5日
Not foreigners friendly - people at the counters (at Dalat) were even mocking about me when I kept asking them about the shuttle bus to the bus stop as it was only 10 mins before my bus departure.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月3日
Convenient, good service but no luggage storage service. The bus arrived before arrival time.(arrival time 06.30 but arrived 04.30)
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年12月28日
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月26日
We were assigned seats in a wrong bus at first. The bus was modern and comfy but they drove too fast on a mountain road so sleeping was difficult.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月25日
The bus condition is nice enough but the cabin is too short even for a 165 cm. like me.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月25日
Comfortable ride. Slept all the way. Took the bus from HCMC to Dalat. Took about 5.5 hrs. Arrived at about 5:30am an hour ahead of scheduled arrival. You could go to the WC when they make a stop at the petrol station for refueling. Hubby said they made about 2 stops. Would take the VIP sleeper bus again.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月24日
Good service, bus on time... we arrived one hour earlier. Recommended.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月23日
bus leave on time, comfortable, clean, arrive in dalat at 4.30am faster than schedule
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月22日
Really nice bus, clean, fast driver. So cool we receive a water bottle before the trip.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年12月21日
Comfortable bus
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年12月11日
Comfortable & efficient! Pack your own snacks as there’s very little options at stop off. Service even offered free shuttle to hotel which we appreciated!
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月11日
The lady at the busstation in HCMC helped me find my bus, which was great. The driver was driving ridiculously fast, which meant 1) no sleep and 2) arriving in Dalat at 4:30am instead of 6:30am. I couldn't check in to my accomodation until 8am and had to wait at a cold busstation. I would have preferred it if the driver had not sacrificed comfort for speed. Ticket was relatively cheap, but if you're lucky you can get a plane ticket for just a bit more money.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月5日
The bus is very tight, the seats are very small and you have little foot space. In addition, the leather seats are a bit sweaty and sticky. Not a very comfortable way to travel.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月3日
Bus is comfortable and on time. Staff is helpful. Unfortunately, some passengers can be quite noisy, and the passenger above me keep dropping things, which is very disruptive to my sleep and once the jacket hit me on the head. Might not be suitable for very tall people.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年11月11日
comfortable and quick would recommend to be early to get a good seat
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年11月2日
everything was smooth and fine
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年10月18日
Accommodating and patient to their clients
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年10月8日
Exteremely flixable and very good experience
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年9月25日
No english speaking No good toilets on the stops Good chairs
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年9月22日
HCMC - Da Lat (VIP Sleeper) Worth every penny. Staff at the bus station spoke English. Important to identify yourself as a tourist, they will pay more attention to you and bring you around to board you bus. I had a small bus brought us to the main bus that was parked outside Nikko Saigon. Got on and the space was nice. Privacy was the best thing. Being enclosed, you also don't have to witness what's happening on the road. The attendant might come along to collect money because some locals pay on the bus, just show him your ticket and you should be good. There was 2 rest stop, I only went down once and I actually ran because I didn't know how long the break was (turns out it was pretty long). There was no other foreigners on the bus except me so I had to be mindful with all the Vietnamese spoken. But it was fine. There is a free transfer in Da Lat. They will fetch you directly to your accommodation for free. Just show your address when you arrive at their carpark and they will tell you the bus number.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年9月3日
We arrived almost 3 hours earlier than was written. And for us, it was problem. Because what do you want to do in Da Lat at 4:30 AM instead of 7:30 AM. On the other side, the way was good and comfortable.
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年9月1日
Very accommodating & friendly driver
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年8月20日
Everything was fine, the bus was on time, and very comfortable as expected. The driver was really safe.
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年8月17日
Staff was extremely friendly, absolutely lovely! BUT the bus mostly looks luxurious, seats aren’t actually that comfortable for sleeping, the pillow is too big and can’t be removed. The Wi-Fi did not work well at all and all of the on bus entertainment on the screens was lame, 1 movie, 2 songs, just a few games
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年8月11日
The driver was awesome. Good english and drives really well.. The bus was definitely worth it.
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年8月7日
Best experience ever! Worth the money.
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年8月5日
Really nice ride
厢型车 VIP舱, Minh Tri Limousine, 2019年8月5日
Comfy chairs and was on time to pick us up, but that’s the only good I can say. The bus driver spoke loudly on phone calls the entire trip. And then we arrived in Da Lat two hours early, which wouldn’t be terrible normally but our accommodations host was expecting us around 6am, so getting in at 4am was awkward and inconvenient for them.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年7月28日
Bus driver like a crazy man, swerving in and out of traffic, constantly honking horn. Felt in constant danger. At least we arrived...
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年7月16日
The service of the website and instructions where to go were very good. The trip it self was oke but i hope you can sleep with nonstop honking. That was to bad. We arrived two and a half hours to early. Overal is was oke.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年7月8日
We booked online, got ticket from bus station quite easily but the staion of Futa bus quite far from the entrance have to ask and people dont speak english
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年7月6日
Reasonably comfortable bus and cool little pod you get but driver was crazy so was hard to get sleep.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年7月4日
Comfortable trip but we arrived over three and a half hours early so we had to find accommodation in the middle of the night.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年6月30日
Always bring a neck pillow and and sleeping mask for sleeper buses. The lighting changes a lot suddenly. I was asleep for almost my entire ride, but the bus was reasonably comfortable compared to other I’ve ridden. If you’re over 6 feet tall you probably won’t be able to stretch out much, but it’s worth it for the price.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年6月22日
Bus station announcements were not in English so we were unsure when our bus would arrive, however a kind gentlemen did help us from the company so can be forgiven, being 6"3 the bus was a bit cramped but still comfortable enough (vip bus) , driving was a little chaotic but it's Vietnam so to be expected, overall could be better could be worse - we had very low expectations based on reviews so happy enough
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年6月10日
Quite cramped space but overall ok trip
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年6月7日
Not able to cancel and return money. The driver drive in sleepy mode and this will caused danger to all of us.
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年6月5日
The staff were easy to help , the trip was almost on time , no obvious problems
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