曼谷到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand

曼谷到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand

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曼谷和Vientiane Embassy of Thailand之间的运输类型 从曼谷到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand的交通

从 曼谷 到 Vientiane Embassy of Thailand ]的旅游胜地评论

出租车 头等舱, Glassflower (Glassflower), 2020年3月21日
Exceptional service provided from Bangkok to Vientiane just in time before the border closed. Highly recommended for this full-service transportation experience.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2020年2月25日
The ride from Bangkok to Vientiane was ok. Nothing to complaint about. When we stopped at the border, the crew could have told us to get off the bus at least. All the natives got off the bus, the tourists weren‘t sure what was going on. Otherwise everything was good, would book it again!
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2020年2月5日
Overall the trip was fine but as a heads up to other travellers; you pay the company and they shuttle you to the bus station, sort out your ticket for you and then leave you to get on a proper bus to Nong Khai, where you are met by a relative of one of the company who then shuttles you to the border with some info regarding how to cross. This was not bad or difficult it was just unknown to me :)
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2020年2月4日
It was fine ..but i hope it was there WIFI and electricity to charge the phones
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年12月5日
Comfy seats, easy at the border, given water and food which was nice.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年11月18日
Great service!
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年11月13日
Everything's good except 1 hour delay arrival than schedule time.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年11月1日
Very good service! Small snack and food voucher included. Would recommend it!
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年10月5日
Tablette qui ne tienne pas serait à revoir, par contre très bon service repas, température clim un peu fraîche mais petit plaid appréciable
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年9月8日
It's Ok
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年8月17日
It's super service ???? , bus condition was very good and runs so smoothly and was on time , it provided some snacks when it start and in midway given 30Bath coupon to eat from food court . Everything was nice in the bus and my trip to Laos too ..
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co LA (Transport Co LA), 2019年8月13日
Convenient, safe and on time.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2019年5月29日
It was a hassle ride cause you have to transfer your bag from one bus to another... You have two buses to ride... From Bangkok to Nong Khai then from Nong Khai to Vientiane Laos... It says here 16:00 (4:00pm) but it was like we left from the agency at 6:30pm and then the bus left in Bangkok 8:40 pm (20:40)... This is expensive here.. Cause the ticket they gave me bangkok to Nong Khai it cost (400+ ThaiBaht) and Nong Khai to Vientiane cost 55Thaibaht. I can say you can do it by yourself cause when you reached to the place(bus terminal) that's the time they buy you ticket in which you can do it by yourself... You can save alot and spend lesser than you pay here at 1100 ThaiBaht.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2019年4月2日
Tara Travel were very helpful and efficient at arranging bus travel. However, I booked travel by train.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2019年1月23日
I was unhappy with the minibus being late to take us to the bus. Then we dropped off some passengers at another bus station which made the journey long and tiring before I even got on the bus to Nongai. The sister met me at the bus station and took me to the Thai border on a motorbike. When I offered her a tip she refused. Luckily I had a backpack and not a case. The rest of the journey was uneventful though the Laotian Visa officials are slow. Maybe they don't want tourists. The whole journey was an adventure for a 73 year old.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2018年12月31日
Booked the bus to Vientiane from Bangkok, the journey to Nong Khai was comfortable but we were not dropped off at the bus station as informed, the bus staff dropped us at a bus shelter by the border crossing, this resulted in us paying 100baht for a Tuk Tuk to take us to the correct location where we met the tour operators sister and received our bus tickets for the next leg of the journey. The tour operator said there would be no other fee from Nong Khai to Laos and was telling us to return to Thailand, after stamping out of the country???, to continue on the bus to Vientiane??? On the bus ticket information it said to continue the journey by bus from Laos immigration point, no such bus and the phone number provided for staff was not accessible. We and the other bus passengers again had to pay an additional 160baht to get to Vientiane.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2018年9月19日
We did get to our destination in the end but customer service and communication could have been better.
公共汽车 快速, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2018年6月9日
Perfect Tara Tour and Travel Agency organised the drop out to the bus station with all instructions properly given. Travel was very nice and comfortable. Thank you
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2018年5月26日
Easy and very comfortable bus trip. The bus driver and staff look after all passengers.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2018年4月30日
Llegamos a mochit la estación de autobuses desde el aeropuerto de don mueang y muy bien. Nos mandaron al piso 3 ventanilla 95. No llevamos la confirmación impresa pero nos imprimieron los billetes. Muy amables muy cómodo el autobús. Eso si salió antes de las 8 así que recomiendo llegar antes. Muy Recomendable.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2018年2月10日
Comfortable bus, nice staff! Bring food and drinks for yourself or buy it when the bus makes a stop
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2017年12月4日
Otherwise good an comfortable seats which were nice to sleep. Nice that they offerred a blanket and some drinks and biscuit. The only thing I didn't like were the cockroaches and actually the fact that by the stops staff didn't check if everyone is back on the board.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2017年10月24日
Superb. Easy and fast
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2017年10月19日
Very comfortable experience.
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如何从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点?

如果想从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点,有多种方式可以考虑。乘坐不同的交通工具可以在各个目的地之间旅行:

  • 飞机
  • 公共汽车
  • 出租车


旅行费用取决于您在旅行中选择的交通方式。飞机是最昂贵的选择 – 需要花费 THB 51,261。如果您想节省交通费用,最好选择公共汽车,因为公共汽车的票价可低至THB 611

曼谷点距离Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点有多远?

如果是陆路旅行,了解曼谷点距离Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点有多远是非常重要的。陆路距离为413英里(663公里),飞机航线距离为317英里(510 公里)。

从曼谷点到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点需要多长时间?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从曼谷点到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点所需时间也会有所不同。将所有可预期的因素考虑进去,全程应该需要2到27小时。

从曼谷点到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点的交通费用为多少?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点,所花费的交通费用也有所不同。最便宜的运营商是Budsarakham Tour (บุษราคัมทัวร์),乘坐公共汽车出行预计票价可低至 THB 611

但是,如果您追求高档次的旅行,可以选择最贵的交通工具飞机 – 单程飞机票价可高达THB 51,261

下图表为从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点可选择的交通工具和票价范围:

  • 公共汽车票 - THB 611THB 611;
  • 机票 - THB 2,520THB 51,261;

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为THB 13,316THB 14,306

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为至。

从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点,每天有多少趟交通可供选择?


  • 从曼谷点到永珍点的航班在白天出发 - 每天大约有1个班次。
  • 公共汽车从早上20:30开始运营,直到晚上20:30。每天有1个公共汽车班次可供选择。




从曼谷点前往永珍点,飞机航班是最快捷的交通工具。虽然飞机通常是最昂贵的,但偶遇折扣促销时,可能与火车或渡轮票价差不多。通常最低的机票价格为THB 2,520


  • 建议提前预订机票,并在线办理登机手续。这样可以在机场节省2个多小时。而且,如果航班的座位分配采用先到先得的方式,您将拥有更多的选择。

  • 进行机场安检可能需要一些时间,建议至少提前1.5小时到达机场。

从曼谷点飞往永珍点的航空公司 China Southern Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, Thai AirAsia (แอร์เอเชีย), Thai Airways, Thai Smile (ไทยสมายล์), Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์)




  • 如果可能的话,请务必选择高级公共汽车,会使整个旅程更舒适。这种公共汽车通常会配有空调系统、可调节软座椅、Wi-Fi和车载卫生间等。

  • 和机票一样,最好也要提前预订巴士车票,确保购买到较好位置的座位。

  • 在预订巴士时,要知道巴士班次可能会延误。但是,仍然需要至少提前15分钟到达公共汽车站。



根据路线距离,全程费用需要THB 13,316


从曼谷点前往Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点最受欢迎的交通工具

如何选择从曼谷点到Vientiane Embassy of Thailand点最方便的旅行方式?为了让您更轻松地选择交通工具,我们邀请了1000名用户针对此路线给出他们的意见。以下是调查结果:

  • 100%用户决定乘坐公共汽车。