COVID-19 FAQ regarding bookings made on our website:

  1. Can I cancel my booking because of the coronavirus lockdown in the area? - Generally, the cancellation rules stay the same and we are happy to cancel the booking when we can, while keeping our own booking fee according to the terms and conditions. You can go to your profile and look for a button with a cancellation option. Click it for one-click cancellation and refund. However, if the operator has not seized their operations in the area or did not agree for a refund, we cannot cancel your booking for any refund. When the booking is confirmed, we have already made a payment to the operator. So if they do not accept the refund and it does not contradict the cancellation policy, we cannot issue a refund.
    Please consider postponing your trip rather than cancelling it. Often postponing is possible, while cancelling is not.

  2. What if the operator canceled our booking due to the virus? - If this happens, we will contact you as soon as we are informed. We will send an email and an SMS or contact by phone, suggesting alternative travel options. If you are informed by the operator about a cancelled trip at the spot, please gather all possible proof from the operator and open a support case with us (click on Open support case)

  3. Where can I find more information? - We recommend reading the website of the World Health Organization (or here: Events as they happen ) or following advice from your country’s Health Ministry. You can also check the situation in different countries and find out about the border closures here

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