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Von Flughafen Bangkok-Don Mueang (DMK) nach Chumphon mit dem Flugzeug

DMK Flughafen Bangkok-Don Mueang
CJM Chumphon Flughafen
DMK Flughafen Bangkok-Don Mueang
CJM Chumphon Flughafen
1h 10m
DMK Flughafen Bangkok-Don Mueang
CJM Chumphon Flughafen
1h 5m
DMK Flughafen Bangkok-Don Mueang
CJM Chumphon Flughafen
1h 5m

Bangkok nach Huai Sak Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 26.02.2020
Es hat alles perfekt geklappt. Entspannte sichere Fahrt. Ein wenig nachfragen wo man im Terminal hin muss, aber alle sehr hilfsbereit.
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 28.01.2020
Es hat alles sehr gut geklappt,von der online Buchung, zur Abholung des Tickets und der Zugfahrt. Der Zug fuhr pünktlich ab,hatte aber wegen Baustellen 80 Minuten Verspätung bis Ban Krut. Die Plätze waren reserviert und die Sitze ganz bequem und breit. Wir fanden die Fahrt interessant.
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 07.01.2020
Alles bestens. immer wieder gerne. 12go Asia ist leicht zu finden. Direkt gegenüber vom Bahnhof. Zug ist allerdings 1 Stunde später losgefahren und hatte insgesamt 108 Minuten Verspätung.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 11.12.2019
Fahrt von Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal nach Prachuap Khiri Kahn lief reibungslos und wie auf der Seite angegeben. Bus war Sauber und das Personal sehr freundlich. Das einzig negative ist die Tatsache das man nicht im Kern des Ortes sondern oberhalb an der Hauptstraße (wie bei 12go asia angegeben) raus gelassen wird was es nötig macht nochmals ein Taxi etc zu nehmen wenn man nicht 2-3 km laufen mag
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 26.11.2019
Alles super ????
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 18.07.2019
We knew 3 hours is a lie, so we weren't surprised when the bus ride took around 5 hours. The employee was friendly and did his best to communicate with us with his little English and our non-existent Thai. We also got some water and had a 10-15 min stop at a roadhouse. We were dropped of at the highway right outside the city, which is not ideal, but at daytime it's not hard to find a ride into town (don't forget to bargain). The guy even knew the location of our guesthouse while google was wrong. The bus was old, but in good shape, good leg room and a perfectly working A/C. The Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal is super confusing, so be there in time to search for your ticket counter (to change the voucher to a real ticket) and your plattform.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 16.02.2020
Very nice staff, we got water and a refreshing towel, the bus was clean and comfortable. Safe drivers :) Thank you!
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 13.01.2020
We have used the services of 12Go Asia before and highly recommend it. They save a lot of time and make it much easier to arrange your travel. I love the train journey. It is always slow and the train is always late but you can plan for that. The staff are helpful, the seating comfortable and the views wonderful.
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 08.01.2020
More than one hour delayed
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 30.12.2019
Good service but a bit hot
Charter Economy, Hua Hin Cars, 29.12.2019
Very pleased with the service. Driver arrived 10 minutes before the time agreed upon and was very helpful with luggage and locating our next hotel. Will definitely consider using service again.
Van Regional 14pax, Nor Neane Transport, 20.09.2019
The trip with the van to Pran Buri took longer than expected and was a bit tiring, but the driver dropped me at the hotel with hardly any extra charge, nice. But very positive was the online support i received from 12go staff called Katy, who was exceptionally supportive and good, going out of her way to make sure that the initial confusion with the trip was resolved, calling the counter and driver at Ekkamai, and even after office hours checking if everything was alright. The trip itself maybe was a 2 or 3 star rating, but Katy certainly deserved a 5 star rating! A reason for me to use 12go.Asia again! Thanks Katy!
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 04.08.2019
Air conditioned coach, staff provided everyone with water and later a cooled wet wipe. standard journey
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 01.08.2019
Train was 1 hour late arriving.
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 22.07.2019
The trip lasted one hour more
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 13.07.2019
Nice bus. It stops at t'he highway and no taxi available
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 06.07.2019
Booking easy, check in easy, smooth trip, bus staff remembered drop off location
Bus Express, Bang Saphan, 15.06.2019
It's too bad the pick up is all the way out at the Sourthern Terminal. It's tough to get to - there is nothing else around there. The timing is very wrong - I took the bus at night with no traffic and no stops - and it still took 3.5 hours to Prachuap (not Bangsapan which is further)- in the daytime with traffic and stops it takes way longer. This is not really a trip for a foreigner, the bus doesnt really stop in Prachuap, but at a "bus stop"? just outside Prachuap. There are no taxi's there, or anyone really at all, so if you don't know someone already you will pretty much be stranded. You could walk to a gas station - that is fairly close...if you dont have luggage. The staff that run the bus are fantastic, they do their best to be very helpful - they make sure you know which stop to get off and they are well organized. The bus itself is clean, and very air conditioned.
Zug #171 2. Kl Schlafwagen Ventilator, Thai Railways, 10.06.2019
Train staff were pleasant. One staff member notified me when we arrived at my station. The window was stuck in closed position so it was hot. Other than that the trip was pleasant.
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