Trains to Berlin

Berlin can be reached by train from a vast multitude of locations and cities throughout Europe with most connections provided by the national train line Deutsche Bahn. A legacy of the now-absent division between East and West Berlin is that trains can arrive at or pass through a number of different stations that previously were central to the infrastructure of either the East or West part of the city. However, the main hub for ICE regional trains and international trains is Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Which is the main train station in Berlin?

Berlin Hauptbahnhof has been the central termination point for regional and international trains to Berlin since it opened in 2006. Other points such as Sudkreuz and Gesundbrunnen still play a role in connections to Berlin but are no longer as frequently visited. The Hauptbahnhof is located centrally and also hosts a large number of retail outlets and other services. It may be worth noting, however, that the station does not currently offer any storage locker facilities.

Which train companies offer trains to Berlin?

Deutsche Bahn AG is the main provider for train connections within and to Germany, with links being divided into either ICE (InterCity Express), IC (InterCity) and EC (EuroCity). Other regional trains providers include InterConneX, Harz-Elbe-Express, and Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn.

Popular buses

Domestic routs

Frankfurt - Hahn
Hahn - Frankfurt
Dresden - Berlin
Berlin - Dresden
Munich - Munich
Frankfurt - Duesseldorf
Frankfurt - Mannheim
Mannheim - Frankfurt
Mainz - Hahn
Berlin - Munich
Munich - Stuttgart
Stuttgart - Munich
Berlin - Hanover
Berlin - Hamburg
Frankfurt - Cologne
Frankfurt - Ulm
Munich - Frankfurt
Munich - Augsburg
Cologne - Frankfurt
Cologne - Duisburg
Mannheim - Duesseldorf
Saarbrucken - Munich
Leipzig - Munich
Stuttgart - Karlsruhe
Stuttgart - Rottweil

International routs

Berlin - Prague
Munich - Prague
Munich - Warsaw
Frankfurt - Prague
Heilbronn - Warsaw
Berlin - Amsterdam
Berlin - Kryvyi Rih
Dresden - Prague
Hamburg - Warsaw
Berlin - Copenhagen
Freiburg - Warsaw
Frankfurt - Warsaw
Freiburg - Przemysl
Stuttgart - Paris
Bremen - Warsaw
Berlin - Kyiv
Berlin - Szczecin
Frankfurt - Krakow
Munich - Kyiv
Munich - Karlovac
Munich - Strasbourg
Bremen - Prague
Nuremberg - Prague
Duesseldorf - Przemysl
Duesseldorf - The Hague


Munich Central


Duesseldorf Train Station


Heilbronn - Warsaw