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02 September 2014

Cambodia has announced a number of measures aimed at attracting more Chinese tourists to the Southeast Asian nation. Visothy So, the Tourism Ministry’s marketing director, says plans are afoot that will see the construction of a massive new shopping and lifestyle complex as well as campaigns to promote tourism in three regions. 

01 September 2014

The Thai Immigration Department last week increased the length of time tourists can spend in the country when they enter with a visa-free entry issued on arrival. The bureau says that visitors from 48 countries can extend their permission to stay at official immigration offices in the major cities and tourism hubs.

29 August 2014

Yesterday saw the start of the popular annual King’s Cup Elephant Polo tourney in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. A total of 50 female pachyderms are competing in the knockout competition and the final is due to take place on Sunday 31 August. 

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