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19 December 2014

Vietnam’s national tourism bureau says plans are afoot to build a night market in the central city of Danang. The bureau has announced that it is seeking a budget equivalent to US$600,000 for the construction of the facility close to the city’s landmark Han River Bridge.

19 December 2014

The US Embassy in Laos has confirmed that it is to provide additional funding for preservation projects in Luang Prabang. This time around, the embassy says it will provide grants to the tune of US$655,000 to conserve the comprehensive exhibits and artefacts housed in the UNESCO town’s Buddhist archives.

18 December 2014

A regional airport close to Pattaya is set to get a revamp that will enable it to handle significantly more passengers and flights. The Thai Transport Ministry says it will enhance facilities at U-Tapao International Airport so its capacity will be up to three million passengers annually.

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