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ราคาถูก และ เร็ว จะไม่ ดี (เช่น รถประจำทางไปยังถนนข้าวสาร, รถประจำทางท้องถิ่น หรือรถไฟชั้น 3)
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21 ธ.ค. 2017
bus Express, Billion Stars Express
รถมารับล่าช้าไม่ตรงเวลา แต่พนักงานใจดี พูดจาดี มาส่งถึงที่พัก
16 ก.ค. 2018
bus VIP, Billion Stars Express
12go said there would be wifi, snacks, host, etc. but that was inaccurate. The bus was reasonably comfortable and had airconditioning, however it left almost an hour late.
3 ธ.ค. 2017
bus Express, Billion Stars Express
After long consideration, I decided to give it 2 stars (initially 3). I booked my departure time at 245pm. But no one told me if it's Thailand time or Malaysia time. I wanted to call the agent, Billion Star express but the hotline number stated in Confirmation letter is not valid. I decided to go to the boarding point to check out earlier. However, the address seems unclear and I couldn't locate it. Hence I walked into another tour agency nearby. They were kind enough to look for the number to call. Hence, I would suggest one to call up Billion Star to confirm the exact pickup point before making the booking. The number which I searched online previously enable me to connect to their staff in Malaysia. They said will call back but never pick up my call after that. This is really frustrating especially when you are really lost and helpless. The departure time supposed to be 245pm. However, it was delayed till almost 4pm. Despite the delay, we managed to get out from custom smoothly. Due to few car accidents encountered along the way, the driver decided to stop by at Gurun R&R. And he subsequently asked me to board another van as they were heading to the same destination. I was again frustrated by the slight delay of the departure due to waiting of another 2 passengers. But luckily the driver agreed to drop me at the place which is much closer to my home. Hence I really appreciate the flexibility. In the end I was 2.5hours behind my arrival time. My booking of early departure time becomes meaningless. Overall, the 2 stars is to rate the bus company who does not provide clear communication on the time, pickup point and their hotline number (which I wonder it's 12go or the bus company's onus to update them in the confirmation letter). Besides, I do not have further comment on the driver apart from what has been mentioned above.
13 พ.ย. 2017
bus Express, Billion Stars Express
Place on the ticket isn't correct, the is no bus station there. We've spended an hour runing all over the street to find company we travel with. If we had no time for searching we would miss the bus.
11 พ.ย. 2017
bus Express, Billion Stars Express
This time they give me a good service.
5 ต.ค. 2017
bus Express, Billion Stars Express
Greate everything ! Glad to have paid the extra money for the tranquility and comfort.

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