МанилаКуда: Легаспи 26 апр. 2019 г.

Отправление: пятница, 26 апреля 2019 г. 19:00 откуда: Alabang, Манила

Прибытие: суббота, 27 апреля 2019 г. 01:40 куда: Legazpi Grand Central Terminal

Длительность: 6 ч. 40 м.

Класс: Skybus WC

Удобства и услуги:

Подтверждение: Моментальное подтверждение

Условия отмены: Без возможности возврата и отмены

  • Please come at least 45 minutes before departure to complete check-in procedures.
  • Each passenger is allowed to have 15 kilograms of luggage, any items exceeding 15 kilograms will be weighed and tagged and the corresponding charges must be paid.
  • One paying passenger is allowed to bring only one child with a height of 3ft. and below, provided the child does not occupy a seat and upon payment of PHP 50 ticket charge.

Cancelation policy: Alabang - Legazpi

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Операторы которые сотрудничают с 12Go предлагают три вида услуг:

Дешево , Быстро , Хорошо - но вы обычно можете выбрать только две из них!
Дешево & Быстро, но без Хорошо (например, автобусы от / до Khao San Road, местные автобусы или поезда третьего класса)
Дешево & Хорошо, но без Быстро (например, VIP-поезда в Таиланде)
Быстро & Хорошо , но без Дешево (например, частные лимузины, автобусы VIP24 или экспресс-автобусы)

Сделайте свой выбор! Помните, что, хотя мы внимательно следим за предоставляемыми услугами, мы по-прежнему являемся агентом на рынке, а это означает, что мы фокусируемся на услугах продажи билетов и доступности / охвате маршрутов, а не на факте, того, комфортное ли сиденье у Вас сегодня ^ _ ^

18 апр. 2019 г.
bus Skybus WC, Penafrancia Tours
2Go online booking is legit and hassle-free. Eticket received after payment. Thanks to 2Go. I booked 1st day as soon as the online booking opened. We were 17pax including children. I chose skybus because of the lazy boy. Booked at 7pm Apr 17th. Our bus came in an hour and a half late. We were escorted at the back portion of the bus. I noticed that all seats were not lazy boy, only the front half part. The back part are all regular reclining chair. And all 17 of us were escorted at that portion. Do they have different rates for the lazy boy? If we were informed of that, we are willing to pay for confortability but nobody informed us. I was expecting that we'll occupy that part since i booked on the day it was opened, really waited for its opening. I thought its 1st come 1st serve basis. While we showed our eticket in exchange for our bus ticket, a customer is also complaining and the personnel he was talking too is so angry because there's a problem between online booking and walk-ins. It was overbooked and they have to request another bus to transfer all those who made the booking online that was confirmed but excess passengers already. That personnel commented also that they want to remove their online booking because it is creating confusion. I think database is not updated when bookings were made. Another thing, the driver is driving too fast that night, too much overtaking specially in curve areas. We were thinking of our kids at that time. I thought they are maintaining a certain speed for safety purposes. I cannot sleep because i can feel how fast we are running. Prayed really hard that night. Too many stopovers. 10am, we're still at Naga. ATM, still travelling, maybe still an hour more to our destination.
12 марта 2019 г.
bus Skybus WC, Penafrancia Tours
12go.Asia is a LEGIT booking site not only abroad but also here in the Philippines, I was able to book and confirmed my booking, I was scared at first because it was my first time to know about 12go.asia but my worries was replace of a happiness when I found out that I have a scheduled booking. I would like to thank 12go.asia for making my booking as easy as 1-2 and go. Thanks again!
24 февр. 2019 г.
bus Skybus WC, Penafrancia Tours
Comfy lazy boy seats. May pa water at biscuit pa. :) sa mismong stated stop overs lang humihinto. D katulad ng ibang bus sobrang daming tigil pero halos pareho lang naman ng price.
15 окт. 2018 г.
bus Skybus WC, Penafrancia Tours
not sufficient legroom, Bus came late.