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Со станции Vientiane Southern Bus Station в Паксе на автобус

Vientiane Southern Bus Station
11 ч. 30 м.
 Моментальный  Возмещаемый

Со станции Vientiane any hotel в Паксе на микроавтобус

Vientiane any hotel
11 ч.
 Моментальный  Возмещаемый

Со станции Vientiane Haysoke Guest House в Паксе на автобус

Vientiane Haysoke Guest House
Pakse Naga Travel
12 ч.
 Моментальный  Возмещаемый

Со станции Vientiane Soutchai Travel в Паксе на автобус

Vientiane Soutchai Travel
Pakse Soutchai Travel
12 ч.
 Моментальный  Возмещаемый

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4 янв. 2019 г.
bus Sleeper, Kriangkai Transport
The bus was above expectations - bed style accommodation with pillows and doonas/duvets included + a bottle of water and bread roll. Left on time and arrived early. There were a few stops (6) to drop off people where they turn on the lights (so had to cover my 3 year olds eyes) and there was a little bit of noise from other passengers - so blondfold / ear plug could come in handy. Was hard to confirm the trip the day of departure as bud company not answering phone and trip was listed as ‘no services’ on website - so got to bus station way too early (8 hrs) and there is not much there. Otherwise good trip - caution bumpy roads! So maybe not for light sleepers
6 дек. 2018 г.
bus Sleeper, Kriangkai Transport
They did not provide wifi password. Bed was at the back and was quite noisy because of the aircon. Toilet was very dirty and wet. However, the linen was clean and journey was fast. Reached before 7am.
6 нояб. 2018 г.
bus Sleeper, Kriangkai Transport
The trip itself was fine, arrived early mostly comfortable. The only issue was checking in, there was no one at the check in counter and after half hour of searching for the bus or staff we finally found some one from a different company who exchanged our voucher for a ticket so we ended up travelling with a different company. Very confusing.
31 мая 2018 г.
bus Express Sleeper 41, Soutchai Travel
The cabines in the bus are very small for European people. Think 1.20 x 1.60 M. And you must sleep with 2 persons in this cabine.
29 мая 2018 г.
bus Express Sleeper 41, Kriangkai Transport
One of my best sleeping bus experiences. The bus was clean and the staff were friendly. They offer WiFi, movies, and snacks. Thank you!

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