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Со станции Канчанабури в Чиангмай на автобус

Чиангмай автовокзал 3
12 ч.
Чиангмай автовокзал 3
12 ч.

Отзывы некоторых из 2,075 путешественников, проделавших этот маршрут с нами

Операторы которые сотрудничают с 12Go предлагают три вида услуг:

Дешево , Быстро , Хорошо - но вы обычно можете выбрать только две из них!
Дешево & Быстро, но без Хорошо (например, автобусы от / до Khao San Road, местные автобусы или поезда третьего класса)
Дешево & Хорошо, но без Быстро (например, VIP-поезда в Таиланде)
Быстро & Хорошо , но без Дешево (например, частные лимузины, автобусы VIP24 или экспресс-автобусы)

Сделайте свой выбор! Помните, что, хотя мы внимательно следим за предоставляемыми услугами, мы по-прежнему являемся агентом на рынке, а это означает, что мы фокусируемся на услугах продажи билетов и доступности / охвате маршрутов, а не на факте, того, комфортное ли сиденье у Вас сегодня ^ _ ^

27 мая 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Very easy to use and comfortable seating and drive. Lights kept coming on very brightly during the night though which was a pain.
8 мая 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
The VIP bus is totally worth it, better then airplane. Wifi, place to charge phone, blankets, snacks and water. The seats recline all the way
22 апр. 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Bus cómodo, puntual, y buen trayecto. El trato de las azafatas genial. Nos dieron 1 agua, 1 cola y un sándwich embolsado. Además 30bhats de descuento en una área de servicio donde paramos sobre las 11.30pm. Llegamos a Arcade Station de Chiang Mai sobre las 6.30.
18 апр. 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Lovely comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. Aircon is quiet cold so a jacket is needed. Stewardess on the coach was quiet rude and WiFi didn't work. Also there is a stop off after around 4 hours, you receive a food voucher for this but the food was questionable!
28 мар. 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Straightforward journey, bus was as expected, reclining seats, blanket , snacks and drinks handed out. Stopped at service station, check out lady had to explain the vouchers worth - we got a couple of drinks each (voucher was up-to 30baht value) as at 11.30pm was too late for us to eat. Asked the hostess on the bus whether there was any Wi-fi on board as we were expecting it and she flatly said no which was disappointing because we could see the Wi-Fi icon, but not a major issue. We arrived early which was a surprise.
15 мар. 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Didn’t have the perfect sleep as to be expected but the seats were roomy and comfortable and the snacks and food provided were good. Got to Chiang Mai at 5.30 am, so make sure your hostel/hotel has a 24/7 reception or is aware you may arrive early
14 мар. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
No blanket as provide and no English speaking staff.
8 мар. 2019 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Was a fantastic trip, arrived earlier than expected and was a smooth journey, would definitely recommend, the only thing I would say is for foreign passengers it would be helpful to have everything translated into English.
6 мар. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
Clean, on time, efficient, pleased with first trip in Thailand on a bus for 12 hours. Toilet could be cleaned more regularly and air fresheners used in there for long journeys
21 февр. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
The bus was an half hour early, which was nice. For a 12 hour trip I only got 200ml water and one smal bag of chips. I think it is bad that it is said on the site, but you get so little. Also the toilet was really dirty and smelled bad. And they spoke bad and little english.
31 янв. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
Bus was fine. Seats were fine. Only negative was the not so sweet bus hostess.
23 янв. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
The Bus was on time and quite comfortable. You have a lot of leg room and the seats go very far back so you can sleep pretty well. The AC was not working on the Bus at first but that was fixed very fast and we still arrived on time.
15 янв. 2019 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
We took this bus as we were too late scheduling a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The bus was pretty convenient, able to lay back to get some sleep. AC was minimal, but since it's night and you are going to Chiang Mai (in January at least!) it's totally fine. Definitely a good solution to go to Chiang Mai :)
28 дек. 2018 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
Everything worked perfect only we didn’t sleep very well....
12 дек. 2018 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
We reserved for 6pm bus, at 5:30 pm they told us at the station it's cancelled and next is at 7:45 pm. They were kind to offer we can leave the bags there in the office. When we arrived at 7:15 pm to get on the bus, a rude, probably drunk man was hurrying us when we were dealing with our luggage.. We left 7:30 pm, they told us we will arrive to Chiang Mai at 12 pm, 6 hours later than the original plan.. They gave us few small snacks and water. The bus stopped in the middle of nowhere in a busy food-toilet station, people got out, we did not get any info. I asked how long do we stay here, they said 2 minutes, we rushed to toilet, when we got back, the bus was nowhere and there were dozens of other buses. A food seller guy told us, the bus driver have shower, they will come back.. We arrived at 8am to Chiang Mai. Maybe we had bad luck, but I won't recommend this company. We were happy with the minivan companies all over Thailand.
12 дек. 2018 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
Overall for the money it was a good trip. Stopping at the food court was confusing, no one spoke English to tell us to use out bus ticket to get the voucher. If you could record in English that would he helpful.
1 дек. 2018 г.
bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation
The bus was really comfortable, a lot of space but that’s it. The wifi did not work the whole way, only in Chiang Mai (our final station), my backpack was very wet when I got it from the bagage storage (water from the air-co i suppose, but I am not sure), the staff threw our luggage on the dirty parking ground when unpacking. So ad it up - a wet backpack and dirt. I have a really dirty backpack now.
23 нояб. 2018 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
The journey was good, the check-in fast and we were faster than estimated. The announcements were all in thai, so i didn't understand anything but that was not a big problem. In the beginning we got a small bottle of water and two sweet snacks, later on (around 11pm) we stopped at a restaurant where we could exchange a food voucher for either a cold drink or one of the dishes offered at the counter. There were quite a few dishes to choose from although the portions were not really big (as it was a night bus you probably don't need much anyways). The wifi worked well. It was possible to recline the seats, it was far from lying horizontal though. However it was ok for one night.
21 нояб. 2018 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
Had to take the VIP bus, as the express bus was fully booked. Comfortable reclining seats. Blankets were provided to keep you warm from the air-con :-) Stopped twice on the way for food and toilet needs. The onboard toilet was clean too. Friendly and helpful staff on board.
17 нояб. 2018 г.
bus Express, Sasanan Transportation
Departure on time, no trouble at all. 12go Asia first experience was a success. Arrival straight on time too. Good drivers, we even slept haha!

Популярные Направления в Таиланд

Как добраться из Канчанабури в Чиангмай?

Чтобы попасть из Канчанабури в Чиангмай, можно рассмотреть несколько вариантов. Вот основные виды транспорта, которые осуществляют перевозки между этими точками:

  • Автобус

Если задача заключается в том, чтобы добраться до пункта назначения как можно быстрее, то выбирайте Автобус. Если же время терпит, а на первом месте – доступность поездки, то стоит отдать предпочтение Автобус.

Стоимость проезда, разумеется, будет зависеть от выбранного вида транспорта. Билет на Автобус – самый дорогой вариант. Он обойдется примерно в THB 990. Если хочется сэкономить на переезде, то выбирайте Автобус: билеты на Автобус стоят всего THB 690.

Как далеко от Канчанабури до Чиангмай?

При поездках наземным транспортом важно понимать расстояние, которое придется преодолеть от Канчанабури до Чиангмай. От Канчанабури до Чиангмай 600 км. По прямой – как летит самолет – расстояние составляет 540 км.

Сколько времени потребуется, чтобы добраться из Канчанабури в Чиангмай?

Время в пути от Канчанабури до Чиангмай зависит от того, каким транспортом вы путешествуете. В целом, поездка обычно укладывается в промежуток от 12 до 12 часов.

Во сколько обойдется поездка из Канчанабури в Чиангмай?

Стоимость поездки из Канчанабури в Чиангмай варьируется в зависимости от выбранного средства передвижения. Самый бюджетный вариант предлагает Sasanan Transportation (บริษัท ศศนันท์ ทรานสปอร์ต จำกัด): выбирайте Автобус, и билет обойдется вам в THB 690.

Если же хочется путешествовать с большим комфортом, то обратите внимание на Автобус и приготовьтесь выложить за билет на Автобус в одну сторону THB 990.

Мы составили список с ориентировочными ценами на путешествие из Канчанабури в Чиангмай разными видами транспорта для общего понимания:

  • Автобусные билеты – THB 690 - THB 990;

Всегда с вами вариант заказать такси: приблизительная стоимость поездки составит от до .

Сколько рейсов в день между Канчанабури и Чиангмай?

В зависимости от выбранного вида транспорта число рейсов в день разнится.

  • Автобусы выходят на маршрут в 08:30 утра, а последний рейс отправляется в 19:00 вечера. Всего в течение дня между Канчанабури и Чиангмай курсирует 2 автобусов.

Самые популярные виды транспорта для поездок из Канчанабури в Чиангмай

Как выбрать самый удобный вариант для поездки из Канчанабури в Чиангмай? Чтобы облегчить вам выбор, мы опросили 1000 путешественников. Вот результаты голосования:

  • 1000 решили отправиться автобусом.