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Со станции Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station в Вьентьян на автобус

Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station
Vientiane Southern Bus Station
1 д.

Со станции Noibai Airport в Вьентьян на авиа

HAN Noibai Airport, Ханой
VTE Vientiane Airport
1 ч. 15 м.
 Моментальный 20кг
HAN Noibai Airport, Ханой
VTE Vientiane Airport
1 ч. 10 м.

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Операторы которые сотрудничают с 12Go предлагают три вида услуг:

Дешево , Быстро , Хорошо - но вы обычно можете выбрать только две из них!
Дешево & Быстро, но без Хорошо (например, автобусы от / до Khao San Road, местные автобусы или поезда третьего класса)
Дешево & Хорошо, но без Быстро (например, VIP-поезда в Таиланде)
Быстро & Хорошо , но без Дешево (например, частные лимузины, автобусы VIP24 или экспресс-автобусы)

Сделайте свой выбор! Помните, что, хотя мы внимательно следим за предоставляемыми услугами, мы по-прежнему являемся агентом на рынке, а это означает, что мы фокусируемся на услугах продажи билетов и доступности / охвате маршрутов, а не на факте, того, комфортное ли сиденье у Вас сегодня ^ _ ^

18 авг. 2018 г.
bus VIP Sleeper 41, HTX Van Tai 277
Our trip wasn't as bad as other reviews I have read. The bus was loaded with random packages, and was cramped, but it didn't bother me and my girlfriend too much. The guys on the bus were nice enough, and tried to be helpful at the border (pointing in a general direction, but he did actually take us to the first passport gate). The only thing that would help is if they spoke even very basic English. But then again I suppose we could learn very basic Vietnamese. Yes, it was long, but we tried to sleep most of the way and succeeded. Ear plugs are a MUST. I asked for the toilet and had to wait another 90 minutes for what was a planned stop anyway. No wifi, toilet, so be prepared to be dehydrated for risk of going to the toilet on yourself.
17 апр. 2018 г.
bus VIP Sleeper 41, HTX Van Tai 277
The staff has been very rude,they don't speak ONE word of English and they don't care about you, they just about words in their language and treat you bad when you try to ask something. The bus has no WiFi and no toilet,the air conditioning was so high that u need a blanket to stay,they put loud Vietnamese music for almost all night so it was not possible to sleep, and they drive so fast the you cannot lay down. At the border they didn't explain us what we should do and ask us one dollar to Stan our passports (I don't know if it was a real fee or a fake one). Very hard and uncomfortable trip
19 февр. 2018 г.
bus VIP Sleeper 41, HTX Van Tai 277
The bus I took was a replacement service so I'm not sure how helpful my review can be. The scheduled bus caught fire so I was offered a replacement bus that promised arrival in 14hr instead of the usual 24hr. Actual journey took 20hr so I just wish that the promised arrival time was more realistic as some of us make changes to our accommodation bookings only to find it gone to waste. The bus we were on seemed to have just completed a trip so it was pretty messy and smelly. We had to switch buses some distance after the border so we waited in a freezing cold restaurant for 2-3hr without any information. In terms of service the staff of 12Go whom I communicated with (Hong Nguyen) was quite helpful and prompt with replies but I guess there are just some things that are out of their control.
9 дек. 2017 г.
bus VIP Sleeper 41, HTX Van Tai 277
Said 24 hour and some reviews online said it could be worse. My experience was good. Only took 22hr. Be aware the visa points have no ATM and won't accept card. Carry cash. I had to borrow of the driver and I was a little embarrassed. All in all, bus was comfortable enough and if you don't want to pay the extra for the flight it's a reasonable option. :-)

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