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Siem Reap - Bangkok
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Siem Reap - Sihanoukville
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829 отзывов клиентов
98.2% путешественников вероятнее всего остались,довольны услугами Virak Buntham Express, так как оставили хорошие отзывы или не оставили плохих
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 11 авг. 2019 г.
The sleeping place which is claimed to be for 2 persons in reality is fine for just 1, it is very very narrow. And it wasn’t mentioned when I was booking the tickets. The time of the journey was 14 hours instead of claimed 7. Mostly due to rainy season and technical problems but anyways. The air conditioning is extremely cold, I was wearing warm clothes but still felt cold. The bus made only one sanitary stop and there was no toilet inside, so the people had to insist on stopping wherever possible to pee. It was just awful. The driver did stop, it was nice of him. The bus stuff was quite nice and helpful but our overall impression is not very good.
Автобус Спальный с Конд., Virak Buntham Express, 25 июл. 2019 г.
Автобус не соответствовал заявленному классу. Ваше объявление ввело меня в заблуждение. К тому же автобус сломался по дороге и я имел очень большие трудности.
Автобус Спальный с Конд., Virak Buntham Express, 24 июл. 2019 г.
Класс автобуса не соответствовал заявленному в билете и на картинке в объявлении. Вы ввели меня в заблуждение.
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 7 июн. 2019 г.
Отличный автобус, жаль нет wi-if. Приехали вовремя.
микроавтобус VIP, Virak Buntham Express, 7 мая 2019 г.
По самой поездке претензий нет, хоть из-за пробок и ехали более 6 часов, но водитель почему-то решил высадить на заправке на самом краю города, хотя билет был до басстейшем, прям к довольным тут-тукерам, заломившим цены на свои услуги в пять раз
Автобус Микроавтобус 12, Virak Buntham Express, 25 апр. 2019 г.
When i came to Station they didnt have my reservation. But fortunelly they found free place for me and i could continue my way.
Автобус Люкс, Virak Buntham Express, 21 мар. 2019 г.
Не верно указано время прибытия автобуса, нас привезли на 4 часа раньше - это конечно приятно, но абсолютно не удобно.
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 9 мар. 2019 г.
Хороший автобус, но для небольших ростом. Если вы выше 170см, то будет неудобно. Остановки каждые 2-3 часа. Но один раз в пномпене чуть было не уехал, оставив людей в туалете. Прохождение границы нормальное, заняло около 1.5 часов. Переход открывается в 6 утра. Без опозданий
Автобус VIP Minibus, Virak Buntham Express, 29 янв. 2019 г.
Отличный сервис! Отправились вовремя, минуту в минуту! Минивен удобный, кондиционер, кожаные кресла, настоящий VIP! Доехали за 4,5 часа!
Автобус Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 9 дек. 2019 г.
There was a cockroach in the bus and it the bus was very cold
Автобус Микроавтобус 12, Virak Buntham Express, 8 дек. 2019 г.
The driver didn't even know the basis of English, he didn't want to let us get in when he saw a stroller. The journey had to last 4.45 hours with an arrival at 6.45pm. We arrived at 9pm
Автобус Судно, Virak Buntham Express, 7 дек. 2019 г.
Ride was okay. Staff in office were very bad. Lied a lot and didn’t tell us our bus wasn’t running and that we were put on a later bus. Only when asked when the bus should have arrived, she pretended the bus was broken. Didn’t apologise and didn’t have the guts to tell us the truth.
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 1 дек. 2019 г.
Bus didn't have any toilets like advertised, and the beds were different to the pictures. Drivers didn't speak any English and came across as rude. Changed to a cramped minivan at the border which wasn't on the booking. Driver then dropped me off at somewhere random.
Автобус Люкс, Virak Buntham Express, 27 нояб. 2019 г.
service was ok. i wish the driver had not had his radio playing so loud and for more than half the journey. the purpose of “night buses” is to being able to sleep. i was the one person right above his cabin. i couldn’t! too, when we arrived in phnom penh, the stop/arrival was never announced. instead, we were rushed to get off the bus. mmh? crazy! i got off the bus with no shoes on, stepped out into wet gravel and it wasn’t fun. courtesy people!
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 23 нояб. 2019 г.
The staff are not able to provide information about trip details to foreigners and talk loudly (either with another staff or passengers) for the whole duration of the trip. The bus and its facilities (bed, etc.) are not well maintained.
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 20 нояб. 2019 г.
Comfortable beds that fit 2 people reasonably well. Only downfalls were the lack of bathroom stops that has somewhere for the women to pee, as well as the bus driver having loud conversations and playing music. If that wasnt bas enough the bus never drops you off where it says it is going to, and that leaves you to fend for yourself against the tuk-tuk drivers. If given the opportunity to do it again I would have chosen giant ibis.
Автобус Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 17 нояб. 2019 г.
The bus did reach Bangkok on time. The journey was good and the seat ok to sleep on. However we were all puzzled why the bus left just after midnight and stood to get into Thailand border for 3 hours. The bus driver told us that the border opens at 6am. So why leave 3 hours early? Also the joining instructions at the other side of the border were not clear. Although the driver did explain it, when we reached the other side of the border, some of us were lost and could not find the meeting point. The driver was good. I also found the air con was set very high and it was very cold in the bus.
Автобус Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 15 нояб. 2019 г.
Very accomodating staff and bright ideas from mr cheng
Автобус Hotel Автобус, Virak Buntham Express, 15 нояб. 2019 г.
Bus - old but spacious enough. The bus name is Long Phuong. Incident - 2hrs left before we get to siem reap we had a problem with the driver who carried in the bus gallons of alcohol which the locals complained because its not safe. The locals advised us to get off the bus because its not safe anymore. The driver did not want to unload the gallons of alcohol so he left us in the gas station where there are lots of mosquitoes. The good thing is that the conductor of the bus did not leave us and looked for another transport so that we can get to siem reap. He was able to get another transport after an hour and when we got off to siem reap he did not leave until all of us were able to ride the tuktuk. The problem is with the DRIVER! im sure he doesnt want to unload the gallons because he got a big tip for that and its very disappointing because our lives were at stake.
Автобус Микроавтобус 12, Virak Buntham Express, 13 нояб. 2019 г.
Bardzo udana podróż. Mini bus wygodny. Kierowca pomocny. Wystarczająca ilość przerw na toaletę. Polecam.

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