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Ко Пханган в Сием Рип отзывы

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паром Скоростной паром, Songserm, 4 янв. 2019 г.
Pretty shocking all round to be fair... I'm not normally one to leave bad reviews but I've just arrived in Cambodia after a 35 hour journey (that was meant to be 28), that was probably the most stressul 35 hours of my life. Our trip from Koh Phangan started with our ferry being 2 hours late with no communication as to when it would arrive. Our connecting bus broke down for 3 hours (can't be helped) and we were sat waiting for another bus to get us - again with no communication as to what was going on. The worst of it started when we approached the Cambodian border - we were taken to a cafe in the middle of nowhere and aggressively told by a bunch of men who got on our bus and told us that we needed to sort out our visas through them. Fortunately my wife and I had done our research and knew that scams like this existed so we'd sorted our visas online. But the people on our bus that didn't know had to hand over money and their passports to a bunch of people not in uniform who wouldn't let them leave if they refused. We saw one of the "officials" physically pushing one guy back into the cafe as he tried to leave, eventually the poor lad grabbed a taxi with his wife going back the way we'd just come from! Eventually we got to the border and after having some guy we weren't sure worked for the company or not (he was now on our bus) waste about an hour of our time explaining how to go through passport control, he said he'd meet us on the other side but on the other side we found our bus with completely new staff on it who couldnt speak a word of English, and had no idea who they were meant to be taking to Cambodia! My wife and I had issues getting through with our e-visa so a guy who claimed he worked for the same company we were using took our passports and stamped them himself - we're still not sure it was legit or not! The whole border thing was a complete shambles - the driver even tried to leave before everyone was on the bus! Anyway once we finally got into Cambodia and after being told that the dodgy cafe I mentioned was the last stop of the day (i.e. We had to buy food there) we actually stopped twice during what would be a two hour drive to be pressured into buying pointless stuff from locals so it took forever! At the end of the trip we were dropped off at a completely random location - not where we were told we'd go - and a load of tuk tuk drivers told us they'd take us to where we were meant to go for free... After we told them we weren't going to book anything with them and we just needed to get to where we booked to go they left us stranded in the middle of nowhere in the dark so we had to pay a passing tuk tuk to take us. All in all we definitely won't be using these services again... Late ferries and buses are expected but feeling completely unsure of who to trust is unforgiveable. Pay the extra money and fly!

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