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Билет сразу Возвращаемый Рекомендуемые
Хуа Лампхонг, Бангкок
18 ч. 30 м. путешествие на Автобус+Микроавтобус+Паром. Все пересадки гарантированы
Ко Ланта Сала Дан Пирс
Билет сразу Возвращаемый Рекомендуемые Fastest
Хуа Лампхонг, Бангкок
18 ч. путешествие на Автобус+Микроавтобус+Паром. Все пересадки гарантированы
Ланг Сот, Ко Ланта

Бангкок to Ко Ланта Schedule

Бангкок to Ко Ланта Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Paradive Travel Эконом 19:00 - 13:30฿ 1,250

Бангкок to Ко Ланта destination reviews

51 customer reviews
52% of 51 travelers were happy with this destination
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 21 апр. 2019 г.
Автобус из Бангкока в Сураттхани двухэтажный. Очень плохой туалет: грязный и тесный. Пришлось терпеть до остановок. Через 4 часа была остановка в грязном кафе, но еда не дорогая, я заплатила 60 бат за рис с курицей. Там же есть туалет за 5 бат. В 4.30 прибыли на пирс Сураттхани. Туалет 5 бат. Порционно выдаётся туалетная бумага. 20 бат - зарядить батарейку, 30 бат - wi fi. Совершенно заброшенная местность. Бегают 4 собаки, в стенах мелькают ящерицы, по земле прыгают лягушки. Множество комаров! Берите репеллент заранее! Здесь нет ни банкоматов, ни обменников, даже нормальной еды. Разве, что снеки. Далее, в 6.35 была пересадка на минивен до Краби. Там тоже платные туалеты - 5 бат, принять душ - 15 бат. Был индивидуальный трансфер далее. В 11.00 должен был отъехать минибас до пирса, где его погрузили с другими машинами на паром до Ланты. Едем чуть больше часа на пирс. Грузимся целым минибасом. Дополнительно 80 бат доплата, чтобы довезли от пирса до нужного вам отеля. The bus from Bangkok to Suratthani is a two-story one. Very bad toilet: dirty and cramped. Had to endure to a halt. After 4 hours there was a stop in a cafe, the food is not expensive, I paid 60 baht for rice with chicken. There is also a toilet for 5 baht. At 4.30 arrived at Suratthani Pier. Toilet 5 baht. 20 baht - charge the battery, 30 baht - wi fi. Completely rural area. 4 dogs were running, lizards were flashing in the walls, frogs were jumping on the ground. A lot of mosquitoes! Take repellent in advance! There are no ATMs, no urrency exchange offices, even normal food. Only snacks. Was waiting 2 hours. At 6.35 there was a transfer by minivan to Krabi. Minivan and driver are good. There are also toilets - 5 baht, take a shower - 15 baht. There was an individual transfer (good). At 11.00 the mini-bus (AC, good driver) had to move off to the pier, where it was loaded with other cars on the ferry to Lanta. We are going a little more than an hour to the pier. Loaded with a whole minibus. An additional 80 baht surcharge to take from Saladan Pier to your hotel at Lanta
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 7 сент. 2019 г.
Journey was all fine. Only the information provided by 12go Asia were very inaccurate.
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 25 мар. 2019 г.
The stars are for the cost and and the unexpected laughs! The bus was half an hour late at Bangkok station. We were just toying with hitting the App as it arrived. It wasn't one bus either, it was 2 buses, a taxi, a 2 hour wait, a van and a ferry. We were covered in different coloured stickers by the end. Comfort wasn't great and it all felt a bit unreal at times ... nobody was expecting so many stages. If you're not backpacking it probably wouldn't suit.
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 7 мар. 2019 г.
Honestly, the service by the transport company (Songserm) was lovely and I'll use this again. This is more of a message saying that the restaurant we stopped on our way from Bangkok to Suratthani was outrageous, but well...
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 3 янв. 2019 г.
Got what I paid for. 4 buses from Bangkok to Koh lanta. Buses all rundown but got me to my accommodation safely. Didn't know what was happening the entire time.
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 30 дек. 2018 г.
At the beginning we were little bit confused because no-one was at the meeting point on the time (18.30) stated at the ticket. Finally it came out the bus was late so in the end we started like half an hour later.. anyway We arrived punctual (13.30) at Ko Lanta The first part of the trip was until Surat thani (6.30). There we changed the bus going to Krabi where we arrived at 9.30. At 10.30 a small minivan picked us up going over Hua Hin Pier to Ko lanta. For an extra 100 baht he brought us till our guesthouse. So it all worked out well, but in terms of comfortability and duration (and costs) definitely the backpacker's choice ;)
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 28 нояб. 2018 г.
Voyage long et peu un autre voyageur français à payer 400 baths de moins que moi.
bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 6 окт. 2018 г.
The bus was ok. People on the trip were awesome and we actually arrived earlier than expected. The toilet is what you would expect in a moving vehicle (I.e. the smell isn’t fresh roses). The food stop only served chicken and over priced snacks and I’m veggie so found it difficult to eat. Reaching Krabi we were also told to pay 100 baht to get to our hotel. The man was very admandant and wouldn’t really take no for an answer which kind of got on our nerves.

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