후에 출발 다낭

후에 출발 다낭

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후에 에서다낭까지일정

후에 에서다낭까지일정
교통수단 이름경로 이름가격
OUROS Travel SUV 4pax 00:00 - 01:15VND 1,867k
Vietnam Railways VIP Sleeper 02:48 - 05:35VND 176k
Vietnam Railways Class II AC 05:35 - 08:27VND 201k
Viet Nam Travel Bus VIP Minibus 07:55 - 09:55VND 247k
Viet Nam Travel Bus Minivan 08:00 - 10:10VND 269k
Hoang Duc Limousine VIP-Class 10:30 - 12:50$ 7.21
April Adventure Minibus 12 12:00 - 14:40VND 322k
Huong Giang Limousine VIP-Class 14:30 - 16:00VND 220k
April Adventure Shuttle 17:30 - 20:30VND 322k
Vietnam Railways Class II Sleeper AC 19:56 - 22:27VND 173k
Bamboo Airways Economy 20:20 - 09:10VND 4,470k
Vietnam Railways Class II AC 22:30 - 01:01VND 146k

후에 출발 다낭 도착 교통편

후에 에서 다낭 여행지 리뷰

Nice Clean sleeping bus!!
버스 반 침대칸, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019. 11. 29.
We wanted to have a cabin for 4 persons, but it wasn't available. We agreed to split 2 persons. However, after having agreed they came with an better plan. So we sat in another train with the 4 of us in one cabin.we even get some refund. Great service!
기차 #SE19 VIP 침대 칸, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 3. 26.
The ride was good, cart is comfortable and has AC. Was on time. Everything perfect
기차 #SE1 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 3. 24.
Nice trip
기차 #SE19 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 3. 23.
Very comfortable. I will always defer to your app because I haven’t had one bad experience yet. I had several horrible ones with others and I got ripped off by one. Evisa. They were not very smart because I used to work in media and will pass that along so it gets out there.
미니버스 동네버스, Viet Nam Travel Bus (Việt Nam Travel Bus), 2023. 3. 9.
Ask locals or book somewhere else We had a couple of experiences with 12go asia in our recent Vietnam trip and would not recommend this service. First, you simply do not see all options available, nor necessarily the best options for your trip. So in any case I would recommend to ask locals, e.g., a dedicated receptionist. They will call someone and you pay much less and will probably be guided until you sit in the bus. However, using this service, which in principle can bring you from A to B, there are problems. The first sign for ultra disrespectful behaviour towards the customers (apart from responses to online receptions; just have a look around) is the unneccessary insurance which is sold if you do not uncheck a, by default checked, box when you order. The second is the handling of receptions and inquiries. This leads to the final problem I have with this service, which is our experience with a night bus. When you book such a bus you will get a confirmation and a PDF with coordinates and a time of arrival. You are supposed to be there 60 minutes before departure. Fine. A taxi can bring you there. However, the point is that the bus, as in our case, will probably just not show up. The taxi driver had already kind of an idea that this will go wrong as he didnt know the place. However, checking the ticket he agreed that this has to be the we are supposed to go. So you are there in the night, at a "bus stop" (a shady place next to the Highway; cockroaches, rats, busses and trucks honking included for free) and wait for >2 hrs before giving up. All the phone numbers of the bus company dont work. Problems getting taxi or hotel at that time in the night are self-explanatory - luckily we found friendly accomodation in our previous hotel. After the bus company found it appropriate to just reschedule our trip to the next day (surprise: we couldnt just reschedule and our travel plans were messed up a bit) I contacted 12go. After a couple of mails back and forth with always another person on the 12go side, I found that they neither want to follow my demand of a refund, nor really care. So here it is my opinion about 12go. Have fun with the 30€, you can keep them. And all the Vietnam travelers: Just keep away- there are better options.
기차 #SE1 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 2. 28.
Very comfortable trip in a luxury van with plenty of leg room. Clear communication on trip details through WhatsApp as well.
미니버스 동네버스, Viet Nam Travel Bus (Việt Nam Travel Bus), 2023. 2. 28.
On time.
기차 #SE1 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 2. 15.
Friendly service. SMS before and pick us up in the hotel.
버스 VIP 클래스, Huong Giang Limousine (Huong Giang Limousine), 2023. 2. 11.
Late about 40 minutes. Long waiting times while waiting for other passengers.
버스 VIP 클래스, Huong Giang Limousine (Huong Giang Limousine), 2023. 2. 10.
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  • 기차표 - 최저 USD 7.16 최고 USD 16.01;
  • 버스표 - 최저 USD 8.82 최고 USD 13.68;
  • 버스+미니버스 가격: USD 9.06. 후에 출발 다낭 행13:25 Hue 45 Le Loi street 부터 13:35 Hue 45 Le Loi street까지
  • 밴가격: USD 10.49 - USD 13.68;
  • 택시+미니버스 가격: USD 11.45. 후에 출발 다낭 행07:55 Mayla Cafe 부터 16:05 Mayla Cafe까지
  • 버스+택시 가격: USD 66.27 - USD 104.42. 후에 출발 다낭 행00:00 Hue city center 부터 00:00 Hue city center까지
  • 비행기 가격: USD 116.78. 후에 출발 다낭 행08:05 Hue Airport 부터 09:20 Hue Airport까지

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  • 3%는밴을선택했습니다.
  • 2% 의승객들이버스+미니버스를선택했습니다
  • 2% 의승객들이택시+미니버스를선택했습니다
  • 1% 기타