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호치민 에서냐짱까지일정
교통수단 이름경로 이름가격
OUROS Travel Van 9pax 항시 운행$ 371.45
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN734005:50 - 07:05$ 79.95
Vietnam Railways Class II AC 06:45 - 14:18VND 358k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN735809:00 - 10:15$ 64.33
Vietnam Railways VIP Sleeper 11:40 - 19:40VND 1,179k
Vietnam Railways Class II AC 12:25 - 21:10VND 572k
Vietnam Railways Cabin 2x 14:30 - 23:06VND 1,239k
VietJet Air Economy #VJ61016:50 - 18:00VND 876k
Vietnam Railways Class II Sleeper AC 19:00 - 02:16$ 31.67
Lien Hung VIP 32 Sleeper 20:45 - 05:30VND 335k
Vietnam Railways VIP Sleeper 22:25 - 07:01VND 1,130k

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We booked upper and lower births and when we got our set’s confirmation they moved us both to the upper two births and two local to the bottom births. Upper births are tight fit for westerners at best. Also smoking in the food car.
기차 #SE22 VIP 침대 칸, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 2. 24.
The train was ok the seats too .. Unfortunately we had screaming children next to us .. And the toilets were discussing .. So I didn't use the toilet for over 8 hours..
기차 #SE8 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 2. 23.
Bus wasn't on time. Beds are not made at all for 1.80 meter people. Bus could have woken up passengers 15 minutes before arrival! He stops and yells "you have to get out quick"! was my first and last ride.
버스 VIP Cabin, Huynh Gia (Huỳnh Gia), 2023. 2. 20.
I’m very tall. 195 cm. So I was happy to just fit in the bed within the berth. I put earplugs in and slept great the whole train ride!
기차 #SNT2 VIP 침대 칸, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2023. 2. 4.
The pick up station Phuong Trang Waiting House is not on GRAB. So not easy to find and book via app. The bus was over 20 mins late and the bus drivers treated me, as if I was late and grabbed my stuff and threw my things in to the side trunk. They screamed at me to jump into the bus. I hurried and stepped in a hurry because the bus started to move and I was already afraid to fall down. When entering the bus and the bus driver hit my leg and shouted at me to take the shoes off. I had shorts on and it was not appropiate to hit a woman's leg! So it would be helpful if this information would be on the PDF. Especially, as foreign traveller, when rushed like a pig to the slaughter into the bus. In this moment I had no chance to make myself aware of local habits. And was shocked that I was treated and hit on my leg like this. Again, I was punctual: myself and my luggage should have been treated with a little bit more respect. Then I was leaded to a seat on the upper deck. But I had reserved mine on the ground. All other seats were already occupied. He insisted that I take the left one. I had to say again that I reserved and the I booked ground with a seat number. After discussing the woman who was on my seat finally moved away. Again, I didn't do something wrong and unfortunately had to discuss. MINUS: service MINUS: No WIFI although it was stated as service! MINUS: Very annoying: people are listening music or shows without headphones on their mobile phones. MINUS: Toilet door was not closing properly. It luckily didn't pop up while I using it. Imagine ;-) PLUS: Bus driver drove safely. Using the horn all the time. PLUS: The bus ride itself was comfy and I arrived where I wanted to go. PLUS: Lunch break. Well organized place. So therefore average of 3 stars.
버스 침대칸, Huynh Gia (Huỳnh Gia), 2023. 1. 7.
Overall ok experience. Didn’t realise how small the back three beds were until we got on the bus but that’s ok we know for next time. Main issue was finding the bus as ours was actually parked at a different location to the one this website told us and we only found it after some locals helped us and took us there - but we nearly missed it so I recommend double checking you’re in the right spot as soon as you get there. No problems once we got on the bus, would just recommend getting a bed that’s separated by an aisle if you actually want some sleep.
버스 침대칸, Huynh Gia (Huỳnh Gia), 2023. 1. 5.
Ordering tickets with 12go works easy and fast, got an e-ticket to show on the mobile phone at the train station, paid by ViSA credit card. The train was perfectly on time, but any comfort or cleanliness are more or less missing.
기차 #SE22 VIP 침대 칸, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2022. 12. 31.
Very comfortable bus, left and arrived within 15 minutes of posted times.
버스 VIP Cabin, Huynh Gia (Huỳnh Gia), 2022. 12. 30.
There was a delay in arrival of 2 hours but overall it was an okay experience
기차 #SE8 이등석침대 칸(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2022. 12. 26.
The train was very old and the seats small for us tall Swedish people. The man beside me was snoring loud most of the eight hours train ride so I spent as little time as I could in my own seat. The staff on the train were not very service minded, slept alternatively spoke very loud to each other in the food car, but we at least got some food to eat. All in all it is very strange that a developed country as Vietnam have this very low standard train.
기차 #SE22 이등석(AC), Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2022. 11. 22.
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