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방콕 출발 치앙라이

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방콕 에서치앙라이까지일정
교통수단 이름경로 이름가격
BangkokTaxi24 Comfort 항시 운행$ 334.06
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD319907:05 - 08:30$ 47.48
Bangkok Busline VIP 09:30 - 22:10$ 22.36
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD320911:20 - 12:45$ 47.15
Thai Vietjet Economy #VZ13213:45 - 15:10฿ 2,588
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD320714:40 - 16:15฿ 1,888
Budsarakham Tour VIP 17:45 - 06:50$ 24.55
Budsarakham Tour VIP 18:30 - 08:05฿ 905
Bangkok Busline VIP 20:30 - 07:30฿ 843

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방콕 에서 치앙라이 여행지 리뷰

Great service by the hostess and driver, arrived into Chiang Rai an hour early. Snacks and water provided and a blanket. Meal included had no veggie option and fish balls were the only thing being served so I didn’t have the meal unfortunately. Seats were okay but could be more comfortable.
버스 VIP 31, Transport Co (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2022. 10. 16.
Overall good experience. Bus was 20 mins late to start but efficient boarding. Attendant was able to help us switch seats since we were booked in separate seats. Arrived 1 hour late at destination. Ride was smooth and temp. good. All language was in Thai which made it’s hard to understand what we needed to do because we don’t speak Thai. But overall, a good ride with little problems.
버스 VIP 31, Sombat Tour (บริษัท เทพสมบัติ จำกัด), 2022. 7. 29.
Overall - would recommend this overnight bus for people who don't want to fly Pros - comfortable temperature (I wore a hoodie and wasn't cold at all), given a bread roll at beginning of ride, left on time, bus didn't play any music (unless you count passengers who think it's okay to blast music from their personal phones, so rude!), announcements and lights went on just a few times during the ride so was able to get some sleep, no announcements/lights between 1-7am which was good for sleeping, bus stopped at 21:30 for a quick dinner of noodles in soup when you show your ticket, USB port for charging between seats Cons - smelled bad, no dividers between seats and the person next to me kept sliding onto my seat, the seats go far back which is great for comfort but makes it impossible to get up if the person in front of you put their seat back and you want to get up to use the toilet, bus clock was about 15 minutes off, arrived an hour after expected arrival time
버스 VIP 31, Transport Co (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2022. 5. 14.
The trip took off on time
버스 VIP 31, Transport Co (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2022. 3. 16.
Complement meal was unexpected and nice. Thank you!
비행기 일반석, Thai Smile (ไทยสมายล์), 2020. 3. 4.
No problems
버스 VIP, Budsarakham Tour (บุษราคัมทัวร์), 2020. 1. 27.
Climatizzatore sempre alto!!! ❄️????
버스 VIP 20, Sombat Tour (บริษัท เทพสมบัติ จำกัด), 2020. 1. 22.
Overall a fine and smooth experience, but my one complaint is the seat design - yes it does recline, but you can't stretch out your legs because there's hardly any space at the bottom of the seat in front of you. For me that made it impossible to get comfortable and sleep. So I hope that design will be improved. Otherwise, it was fine. My bus left right on time and arrived quite early in Chiang Rai, around 6:30am. Oh and be sure to have layers on the bus because the AC is quite strong.
버스 VIP 20, Sombat Tour (บริษัท เทพสมบัติ จำกัด), 2020. 1. 16.
It was quite unclear that the bus didn’t actually leave until 7pm and we had to take another mini bus to the bus station from Tara Travel and wait there for 2 hours. This should be made clear.
버스 급행, Tara Tour and Travel (ธาราทัวร์แอนด์ทราเวล), 2019. 12. 28.
Very comfortable bus journey. Two comments: It would be great if the staff could communicate a bit more, especially when we stopped - we had no clue for how long we were stopping and had we not read previous feedback about a free meal, we would not have known that we could get one. The A/C on the bus is way too high, making it almost impossible to sleep in the middle of the night as it’s way too cold. But overall though I would recommend this company
버스 급행, Bangkok Busline (บางกอกบัสไลน์), 2019. 12. 20.
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Nok Air (นกแอร์), Thai AirAsia (แอร์เอเชีย), Thai Airways, Thai Lion Air (ไทยไลอ้อนแอร์), Thai Smile (ไทยสมายล์), Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์)




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