Byron到着地: Gold Coast City 2019/06/24

出発 2019年6月24日月曜日 11:10 出発地: BYR Byron Bay

Arrival: 2019年6月24日月曜日 13:00 到着地: OOL Coolangatta, Gold Coast City

所要時間 1時間 50分

クラス: AC Seater

Facilities and services:

確認書: Instant confirmation

キャンセル: No refunds, no cancelation

  • Keep 12go pdf voucher with your other travel documents. A valid photo ID may be required upon check-in.
  • Please be at your bus stop at least 20 minutes before departure time.
  • Coaches are fitted with water fountains and cups. No hot food permitted on board at any time. Cold drinks are allowed but must have a screw top lid.
  • Flammable goods, ammunition, animals, dry ice, fireworks, and any dangerous or illegal goods are prohibited. Cartage of fruit and vegetables between some states is also prohibited under State Quarantine Laws.
  • Smoking is not permitted aboard coaches or in terminals at any time.
  • Passengers are entitled to 1 item of hand luggage which must not weigh more than 8kg plus 2 pieces of standard luggage which includes any bag or suitcase, boogie board, skis, snowboard, golf clubs or golf bag. All baggage must weigh no more than 20kg.

Cancelation policy: Byron Bay - Coolangatta - GX244 - 11:10