Hua Hin Lomprayah → サムイ島 移動手段: バス+フェリー+バン 複合チケット

Hua Hin Lomprayah
Maenam hotel transfer, サムイ島
9時間 10分
 Instant  返金
Hua Hin Lomprayah
Maenam hotel transfer, サムイ島
12時間 50分
 Instant  返金

Hua Hin Lomprayah → サムイ島 移動手段: バス+フェリー 複合チケット

Hua Hin Lomprayah
Maenam Samui, サムイ島
8時間 10分
 Instant  返金
Hua Hin Lomprayah
Maenam Samui, サムイ島
11時間 50分
 Instant  返金

口コミ情報 人がこのルートを利用しました。全体で 725 人


チープ、ファースト、グッド - 通常2つしか選べません!
チープ&ファースト グッドなし(例:カオサンロード発/着のバス、ローカルバス、3等列車)
チープ&グッド ファーストなし(例:タイでのVIP列車)
ファースト&グッド チープなし(例:プライベートリムジンサービス、またはVIP24バス vs エクスプレスバス)


ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
This is an efficient and safe way to get from Bangkok/Hua Hin to the gulf islands, but it's a long day so be prepared. We traveled from Hua Hin to Koh Samui. Lomprayah office was busy at 8am, and we set off just after 8:30. There is a coffee shop attached to the bus office, so you have a chance to grab drinks before it leaves. There is no food/drink served on the ride. No real stops the whole way to Chumpon, close to 4 hours on the road, but a real easy drive. There is a bathroom on the bottom level of the bus, doors didn't lock properly, but it worked. Arriving at the ferry dock is a little chaotic. A number of buses arrive simultaneously, bags are being unloaded quickly, it was a little messy but the bags were intact. There's a washroom right beside the parking lot that doesn't charge. There is also a convenience store and restaurant on site, but we had barely grabbed our bags when they announced last call to get on the ferry. No time to get food or drink, so we had to go straight on the ferry. They sell food, drink, and taxi transfer to hotels for each of the three islands onboard. It can get rough on the water, bring a drink of water and try and stay out of the sun. The boat was at capacity, and by the time we got on all the seats were taken except for the "executive" lounges on the second level. Don't worry about the stated $100 or $200 baht charge, nobody was asked to pay, they had to seat people somewhere! It takes a couple hours to get to Koh Tao, another hour and a quarter to Phanang, and a half hour to Samui. There aren't really taxis waiting there, so buy a transfer to your hotel. In the end, it took us from 8:30AM to 6:30PM to travel and check into our hotel that was very close to their pier on Samui. A very long day, but overall pretty efficient and good value for the price. I would likely do the exact same trip on my next visit.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
We travelled on the 08.00h bus/ ferry from Hua Hin to Samui. A long day. Take plenty of supplies for the bus and the ferry. The bus to the ferry is comfortable enough except the a/c is very cold and drips from the the overhead vents above every seat. Take something to cover yourself if you feel the cold. The ferry is nothing special, plenty of seats with a shop on board, everything reasonably priced. I don't like the way the luggage is piled up, it's a bum fight at the destination. Other than that everything is well organised. Buy your transfer ticket when you buy your ferry ticket or on the boat, it saves time at the ferry port. For those who think I will wait as there will be plenty of taxis, DON'T as there aren't any.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
Long trip, with no food/drink options on the bus. Food/drink on the boat also limited.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
Really well organised bus air conditioned and was ok to sleep on. Good waiting area at the ferry and easy to,know where you need to be off due to colour coded system, bus straight to hotel quick and direct. For what you pay for this coach ferry and hotel transfer it’s brilliant. Have used for other transfers and also train tickets bought from the Uk and collected in thailand made my travels so easy. BRILLIANT SERVICE. A1
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah
On time, comfortable bus and efficient all round.




  • バス
  • フェリー
  • バン


移動の費用は、選択する交通手段の種類によって決まります。バス+フェリー+バンチケットは一番高いチケットとなり、THB 1,550ほどになります。交通料金を節約されたい場合は、最低THB 1,400より利用可能なバス+フェリーチケットをご利用ください。


陸路で移動される場合、ポイントフアヒンからポイントサムイ島までの距離を知っておくことが大切です。移動の全体距離は400マイル(642 km)になります。飛行機での距離は212マイル(341 km)です。




利用する交通機関によって、ポイントフアヒンからポイントサムイ島までの移動費用は変動します。最も経済的な交通手段はLomprayah (ลมพระยา)です。バス+フェリーを利用した移動は、最安価格のTHB 1,400でチケットを入手することができます。

より快適な移動をご希望でしたら、一番料金が高いバス+フェリー+バンのご利用をお勧めします。片道バス+フェリー+バンチケットは、最高THB 1,550までになります。


  • bus+ferry 料金: THB 1,400 - THB 1,400。 フアヒンからサムイ島まで 開始時間08:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahから23:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahまで
  • bus+ferry+van 料金: THB 1,550 - THB 1,550。 フアヒンからサムイ島まで 開始時間08:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahから23:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahまで

タクシーもご利用可能です。予想タクシー料金は から になります。



  • フアヒンからサムイ島までbus+ferryでの2、開始時間08:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahから23:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahまで
  • フアヒンからサムイ島までbus+ferry+vanでの2、開始時間08:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahから23:30 Hua Hin Lomprayahまで



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