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16:30, 16:31
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14:00, 14:15, 15:00, 15:15
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10:00, 11:45, 13:00, 17:00, 17:30, 23:45, 23:59
バターワース - クアラルンプール
09:00, 14:30, 20:30
パハン - シンガポール
ペナン - シンガポール
09:30, 21:30
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09:00, 09:02, 09:30, 10:00, 11:30, 11:32, 11:35, 20:30, 21:00, 21:01, 21:02, 21:30, 22:30, 23:00, 23:30, 23:31, 23:32
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10:00, 21:00, 22:00
ムラカ - クアラルンプール
04:45, 05:15, 07:30, 08:00, 09:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 15:00, 15:30, 17:00, 17:30, 19:00, 19:30, 21:00, 21:30, 23:30, 23:45
ムラカ - シンガポール
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ムラカ - ジョホールバル
07:30, 08:00, 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 15:00, 16:00, 18:00, 18:15, 18:30, 20:15, 22:00, 23:00, 23:45

StarMart Express 会社レビュー

バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/13
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/06/01
3列シートで広々として快適でした。 定刻10:00am,LARKIN出発が30分遅れとなり、更にSkudai に寄り、更に30分遅れてJBを発ったのは11:25でした。 しかも途中で給油し、KLIA2には15:00pm前でした。 これは通常の運転スタイルでしょうか? 少なくとも給油は済ませておくべきです。 更に給油した時に、辛うじてトイレに行きましたが、4時間以上トイレのチャンスはありませんでした。 トイレ付きの車なら別ですが、通常3時間くらいでトイレ停車の配慮をすべきです。 この会社のバスにはもう乗りたくありません。
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/22
First bus didn’t have air conditioning for two and a half hours, thankfully we switched to another bus. The ticket also said it was a 5 hour ride, it was over 7 hours.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/19
Great bus - excellent driver - good price
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/18
Double deck bus but I perfect have a seat below rather on TOP as TOP too squeezes below is comfortable seat. Gd bus driver reach earlier then thought but the problem can't charge the phone and no wifi. Nowadays ppls goes for that hope starmart will get much more better in service in success in bussiness
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/18
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/17
The driver was very nice and helpful. Bus was comfortable and clean. Seats were large and comfortable.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/14
Not much time given for toilet break. Requested to change bus at malaysia immigration if drop off at boon lay. Seats are uncomfortable.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/12
Bus is comfortable, somewhat agitated bus driver. Arrived 15 min later than said, so all ok.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/11
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/02/01
Trip was good. Only complaint we have is that the driver (s) did not announce the stops.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/31
Lack of information From staff when reuested particularly on arrival at Singapore
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/30
The coach was nice and comfortable. However the journey was not pleasant as I feel dizzy maybe because the driver keeps on pressing break or the bus too lowered.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/28
many stop. tickets price is expensive compare with other seller
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/25
Late arrival, late departure but sweet driver and very comfortable seats. Lots of smoking and peeing breaks
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/25
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/23
Nothing to claim
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/23
Great service
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/22
I missed my trip could you please reimburse me for this ticket
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/21
The trip take many hours, but it was very nice, really confortable bus
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/20
The bus was comfortable with air condition. However, the bus driver took a long time to return to the bus during a toilet break. It would be nice if the driver had informed the passengers that he was going to take a much longer break so that passengers will not be left wondering what was going on and had to sit in the bus for a long time waiting for the driver to return.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/18
The driver did not wait for some passengers left in Singapore Immigration.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/15
The bus left the station in Melaka 45 minutes too late! Mind you, it is a bus to the airport. The bus though, is very comfortable, with electric massage chairs.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/14
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/13
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/08
Very good
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/07
Easy ticket collection at melaka sentral. Good starmart bus with vibrating backrest. Cld improve by using tv to show stop points enroute and when reach so do not hv to repeatedly shout
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/06
The bus very old & stop so many times
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/05
Very fast, all was good
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/04
Overall the journey and arrangements good.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/02
They called before leaving which was very good. They are responsible drivers.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2020/01/01
Excellent service
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/28
I took a trip from Berjaya Times Square to Golden Mile Tower with my family during the holidays. My experience was a little different in that they didn’t leave anyone behind at immigration (though the bus ticket does say that if you get left behind, ride another Starmart Express bus). There were staff at each of the immigration borders with checklists of the bus passengers and who were waiting as you got out of immigration. The staff on each side were helpful. We even thought our bus had already left but another Starmart Express driver pointed us in the right direction. We got to the Singapore immigration by 2:00 PM after leaving by around 8:45 AM. We spent 2-3 hours in immigration and arrived at Golden Mile at around 5pm. Overall, the bus company wasn’t a horror story like some of the reviews here (which I was prepared for and took the risk on) but I think they can improve on changing the timeslots to manage expectations better and give clearer instructions on the procedures at immigration etc before the bus trip so people know what to expect.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/26
Clean and conffortable bus
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/25
The bus doesn't make only 5 hours to reach Singapore as promised! took 9 hours and 15 minutes!!! the 2 hours in the immigration office were on top of the 9 hours ( but this is something unpredictable). so a total of 11.15 hours for a road that is quiet good for driving. the stops on the way are way too long and not necessary ( beside the stations). we didnt find it professionally organized and is a pitty because we chose bus between countries to enjoy also roadtrip, not only airplane ( which seems in the end to be the best choice). the long trip by bus made us lose a day from our visit in Singapore. we came from Europe for such a visit...but in the end nobody assumes this waste of time. we don't recommend it. we are 2 travellers. p.s.: the bus doesn't provide much of the promised comfort either (had broken chairs and nonfunctional plugs)
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/22
At the starting point bus was delayed by 30 or 40 minutes. Scheduled reaching time 04.30 pm was delayed by more than three hours. Attendant was reluctant to help passenger to put their luggage in bus boot.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/17
The driver stopped 2 times for 30 minute breaks, the first only 45 minutes after leaving Malacca. He also stopped the bus for 10+ minutes running a personal errand. At the Singapore side of the border the bus did not wait for all passengers, myself and a family of 4 were left behind! True the line at immigration was long, but isn’t a bus supposed to wait for its passengers!
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/11
Way too many stops for unnecessary amounts of time. The driver would also stop for smokes too often. We arrived 6 hours late at 2am instead of 7pm
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/10
All are well except bus is delayed about 30 minutes.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/07
Massage chair spoilt.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/07
The coach took the side roads fm Melaka to Muar to pick up passengers. At JB custom, I was told the bus to Boon Lay broke down n I had to go to Golden Mile.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/06
Great transport
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/06
My friends and I liked Starmart coach direct to KLIA at late hour. But the StarMart coach customer service at Makhota Medical Centre was not good because the lady was ignorant of us, Deaf customers, when we asked for direction. We could not even read Malay language! We went to search around the place till we spotted the coach. The driver was kind to tell us to wait. Phew. Thus, the customer service needs to be more friendly and helpful! Thank you.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/05
Okay good service
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/05
The Experience is Excellent. We book our ticket the day before our travel. Without knowing if the ticket has been processed we take risk and find out at the station that our payment go through. The Fair is less expensive compared if you book directly to the Bus Companies... Overall, I am recommending 12GO asia for your bookings.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/01
Veículo um pouco sujo e bancos com massagem avariada. De resto, tudo bem.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/12/01
I will give 5 if the driver is helping passengers for luggages. He isnot even open the storage door for us.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/26
Bus didn't follow seating number. It took off a little late too.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/25
Found out I paid 5 MYR more than the ticket price, but I got the front seat, not so bad
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/21
Tre trip took 8 hours, not 5 hours, 15 minutes. I can’t imagine it ever being on time considering that you have to go through immigration both in Malaysia and in Singapore. And then you have to wait each time for everyone to get back on the bus.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/19
バス到着が30分くらい遅れた以外は快適だった。 中にはエアコン効きすぎのバスもあるらしいが適温だった。
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/17
The delays and someone smoking on the bus were not really acceptable.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/10
No wifi onboard
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/09
Super comfy Bus with massage seats, Driver was friendly, Border was say to navigate and very quick to clear.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/08
Very comfortable, big chairs. A lot of space for my legs and bag.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/05
Good n skiiful driving
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/05
Very slowly, so long waiting for the next bus, is about 30+ mins.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/05
When check in in Singapore drive says huury other wise I left you and he drive bus without me Draiver not picked up me very bad draiver
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/04
Sooooo helpfuuuullll
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/02
Departure delayed and from another platform. Drop off at KLIA2 and no clear information if and how to come at KLIA1.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/11/01
The driver was a man of few words, I thought the driving was very reckless as well, he nearly left 2 people in Singapore immigration, also the immigration is a absolute joke it took us 1.5 hour to get through not enough staff and no sense of urgency at all, do not book this if your under time constraints.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/31
Very disorganised. The whole journey took 6 hours. The bus left at 9 am and reached singapore at 3pm. Singapore customs and Immigration took 1.5 hours. Unnecessary delay. Singapore needs to review process.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/28
Delayed for more than an hours. Public loud speakers not clear. Coach condition very poor
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/28
Was told to change bus at Malaysia custom and it was a free seating arrangement when we have to bear the screams of 2 children throughout the way.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/21
The outward journey was great. Comfortable seats and good driving. Took about an hour longer but the immigration line was very long despite being 4am. Return journey was not as nice, very fast bumpy ride in bad weather conditions. Thrown out my seat a few times and as the seatbelt had been cut completely of this did not made me feel safe.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/16
hopefully next time, there will be wifi connection on the bus
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/14
it was nice and easy to use your voucher.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/11
No WiFi, no TV. But good to seat.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/08
Would have been nice with a little clearer instruction from the driver, having said that he got us from A to B with minimal worries
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/08
The Bus arrived on time
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/05
Clean and convenient trip Gd driver
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/10/03
WiFi Is missing.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/28
Great driver, so smooth great coach too thankyou ????????????
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/26
They change the departure location and time. The bus took 1,5h more to arrive.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/24
Driver did not make proper break stops and drop off points.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/24
The bus came 30minutes late without any notification. But the bus was okay, spacious and comfy
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/21
Driver always burping very loudly. Not very nice
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/21
It is very spacious and driver was patient!
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/21
It arrived three hours later than expected, so I had nothing planned. however when i arrived there i switched back because otherwise i will miss my flight.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/12
Everything was great. Except, it didn’t took 5hours but it took 7hours.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/11
It was good, very good driving. A pain to swap buses at one stop. Take snacks with you as the place where you stop for a toilet break doesn’t have snacks.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/11
Very comfortable bus and smooth ride. Arrived a little late but nothing too crazy. Staff were polite. Not a lot of explanation at borders but we’ll signposted and just follow the locals!
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/03
30 mins before bus arrival, the counter only let us know the bus number. Then bus arrived at First World Hotel 30 mins late. Journey starts and the bus keeps making unnecessary stops every 1hr 30min to 2 hours. Reached checkpoint and we have to transfer our bags to another bus as the bus we board, does not go in Singapore. (as per what the bus driver explained) We suppose to reach Singapore estimated timing at 8pm but instead 10pm. Definitely there is no jam at all except from First World Hotel to KL. We advise that you consider take another company that has proper planning, information provided upon booking or atleast 1 day early before the bus trip.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/09/01
We had to arrive to Singapore at 13:35 and finally got there at 16... The bus was confortable (big seats) but the massage option wasn’t (obviously) working. Plus no Wifi.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/29
We arrived more than 2 hours delayed
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/29
I went to custom for a little bit long so the bus left...
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/28
Great trip, super comfy seats. Stopped halfway for toilet break, as no toilets on board. Highly recommend.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/28
nice and comfortable trip, but 1 hour delay
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/26
Our trip going back to Golden Mile from Berjaya Times Square was a little bit disappointing. It was 3 hours longer than the usual. Plus, the driver didn't even informed us which bus to transfer, you have to find it yourself. Haaaay ????????
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/24
Best Bus I have ever taken
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/23
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/22
Very nice comfortable seats
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/21
Seats, Driver and Conductors are perfect!
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/19
We took the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth. At some point we had to get out of the bus into another one, but this was only announced in malaysian. If the malaysian travelers on the bus would not have translates this, we would not have known and would have not arrived at our location.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/17
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/15
Super late Bus! And the bus smells of cigarettes
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/11
The journey was delayed by over 3 hours - it would have been useful to be pre-warned about this, as I assume that this is common for weekend journeys.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/11
Changed bus, waited at KL , spent too long. But the driver is good & helpful
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/11
perfect. could use onboard chargers though.
バス VIP 24、StarMart Express、2019/08/06
Comfortable bus and a few opportunities to use the toilet. We didn’t depart until 10.20am. Driver was swerving across the road a bit though!
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